Korn - Requiem
Feb 4, 2022 (updated Feb 5, 2022)
"sucking on the dick cum, the thick cum, the dick cum" - Jonathan Davis during the scat vocal section of Worst Is On Its Way

Coming from an obsessive lifelong Korn fan, this album is catastrophically disappointing; so little of this album feels compelling or impactful, the melodies, both vocally and instrumentally are more like vague meandering sequences of notes, the riffs are so average and weightless, and the mixing/mastering is truly abysmal; there is so much unnecessary low end in the guitars that the actual bass is virtually non-existent (this is the And Justice For All of Korn's catalogue).

There isn't even anything explicitly *bad* about the album, it just lacks in pretty much every area that Korn typically dominates in, and coming from a band who've dropped countless 10/10 classic albums and maintained consistently great for essentially 30 years now, that is very upsetting; though I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

The only tracks worth checking out here are Start The Healing which has a simple but groovy main riff and a big catchy chorus, and the closer, Worst Is On Its Way, which is an actually great song, with dynamic riffage and a very brief but fun little callback to their oldest days in the bass section of the outro; it also has a thunderous bride with classic Jonathan Davis scatting vocals.

There is nothing unique, individual, or defining about this album besides the fact that it is unique for LACKING anything unique about it, which is so strange considering how well fleshed-out, one-of-a-kind and individual almost every other Korn album feels

So disappointed, they really need to stop doing generic filler and go back to doing stuff that, regardless of the personal opinions some may have, actually stood out and was experimental in the band's own right, such as Path of Totality, Untitled, See You On The Other Side and Untouchables

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Which of their albums are 10s to you?
@HalfsourDyl SYOTOS, Untouchables, FTL, Issues, Untitled, Paradigm Shift, Self-titled, and the rest are all at least 8/10s if not 9
That's a spicy list!
its such a W that you find Untitled a 10, the most underrated KoRn album
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