Feb 14, 2020
Pretty good pop album, really enjoyed most of it though I can’t distinguish many if the tracks from each other. Overall a very fun listen to put you in a good mood. Fav Tracks: April, Mrs. California
Feb 14, 2020
This album is decemt overall, there were a few tracks that I was really vibin to but they were always cut off abruptly which annoyed the hell out of me. The rest of the album was just meh to me, nothing super good or impressive. Would probably rate it higher if it weren’t for those tracks that randomly cut off, really made the album feel unfinished
Feb 13, 2020
Almost had a panic attack while listening, but god damn was it fuckin worth it
Jan 30, 2020
An absolutely amazing mixtape, easily the best thing Chance has put out in his career. I’m happy that he’s sober now and feeling good but god damn do I miss druggie Chance
Jan 30, 2020
This album is a pretty good listen, not much depth wise or anything but it has some pretty good catchy songs that just give you some good vibes like 8TEEN, Young Dumb and Broke, or Location
Nov 18, 2019
First off, this is easily one of my favorite releases of 2019. This album is truly something beautiful to experience. Listened to it late last night before I went to bed and it filled me with a sense of calm and peacefulness that I haven’t experienced in ages. It was just a great experience to listen to this beautiful album from Kiwanuka, who I had never listend to up until this point. If everything he has is as good as this, I can tell I’ll love his music
Favorites: Piano Joint, ... read more
Oct 8, 2019
Idc if you guys say it’s the typical indie music, it sounds good and that’s what matters most to me.
Favorite Track: Dance Baby! and Imreallytiredthisdaysucks
Oct 8, 2019
This makes my ears do the fun times
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