lemuriams -
Every single song sounds the same and is made under one patent with these disgusting music videos.
lemuriams -
The master is back in great shape
lemuriams -
At the time when I was 15, he was a top artist for me and after many years I still really appreciate it.
Although I was always indifferent to the musicians who performed in the talent show, he had such an extraordinary class that only great musicians have.
Something like Seal / Omar / Lighthouse Family, but with such a smoothness that Sade would not be ashamed of.
lemuriams -
(I think) I don't believe in magic and supernatural things, but ceo albums are the closest to the magic of things that are practically from another world.

There is nothing in the world like ceo (not even jj's second project)
lemuriams -
Lady Gaga's boring clone attacks with pretty pop nightmares
lemuriams -
This track is like a wonderful trip on a sunny day. One of the finest songs of this year.
lemuriams -
It's not like he hates his work, and I will even say that albums such as Elect the Dead are good albums that have class and come out of the shadow of SOAD, but what is happening in Elasticity is pure amateurism, which does not suit a musician such as Serj Tankian.
lemuriams -
The second part of the agony, puke and fart.
lemuriams -
It's not the most outstanding song, but the sound is phenomenal and you can see Miley feels great with this accompaniment.
lemuriams -
Least needed track on the album, which in addition is a plagiarism of "Physical"

Production - great
Content - weak
lemuriams -
Outsucked but very crappy
lemuriams -
Worst pop music
lemuriams -
Catchy as hell new single is pretty good and the best song from deluxe ediction.
lemuriams -
He was digging coal in the mine?
lemuriams -
This is single cover to the "HUMBLE."?
lemuriams -
Wonderful! I have high expectations of the creators of Time Today and this song is one of the best they have created.
lemuriams -
For all the years from the debut until today, this album sits in my head, because the world has not heard such an even album, good beats and electronic music yet... BEFORE OR AFTER THE ALBUM WAS RELEASED!
lemuriams -
one of the greatest catching Rock songs ever.
It's not so much the chorus as the whole song is catchy as fuck.
lemuriams -
lemuriams -
Sorry, but one of the best songs in music history was absolutely desecrated in favor of a single version that was promoted. All the charm and wildness has been removed in favor of easy play, and that was a fatal mistake.

A SIMILAR SITUATION HAPPENED WITH MADONNA - What It Feels Like for a Girl, where the original was massacred into a single version, absolutely castrating her with charm and class
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