Bon Iver - re: Stacks
this song's one if, if not the best song off of "for emma, forever ago", in my opinion (and one of the best songs ive heard from bon iver in general most likely). everything about it is so beautiful and stunning in also the most depressing way possible; the way that the whole instrumental as soon as it starts is simple yet still solemn, well written and.. warm (don't know what else to call it) for the entire song sets the feeling and tone of/for the rest of the song wonderfully. the ... read more
Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
...i always say this at the start of the majority of my reviews but i actually have no idea how to begin explaining this album in detail at the moment.

ive never been the biggest fan of jazz, ive never truly hated it but it was never a genre i really bothered to look into on my own, so i had pretty,, neutral expectations for this album. needless to say, it very much so surpassed my expectations surprisingly enough.

this album's such an immersive, rewarding listen throughout its entire ... read more

Robbie Basho - Visions of the Country
where to start.. hm.

this album is possibly one of the prettiest and most downright heartbreaking albums ive ever heard, but at the same time one of the most beautiful, especially considering how robbie basho's entire life was in general/as a whole. robbie's vocals on this album are so.. melancholic and display such rawness/power and range in everything he sings, also. it's like he put every ounce of his life and his talent in every lyric on this album, like he's really singing from the heart ... read more

Sufjan Stevens - Michigan
well, firstly, before i really start this review and like ive said before in the past, im sorry if i haven't been reviewing or rating things consistently or really at all recently. ive been in a pretty fucked spot in my life/mentally as of late and haven't had much of the energy or time to sit down and listen to an album in its entirety, let alone write well either.

but anyway, onto the album/review itself lol. before i listened to this album, the most id heard from sufjan stevens when it ... read more

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion - Bongos
this song feels like it's going on forever even though it's only around 3 minutes, holy fucking shit. this has most likely been said here before but it's really like they're trying to relive the craze wap brought to both of them and their images/careers a few years ago with something so... boring/tone downed for their standards and not even close to being as raunchy or even memorable to listen to/look at in comparison to wap either. it all just goes in one ear, out the other seconds after ... read more
Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
man, what do i even say about this album...? it's such a damn good and satisfying album to sit down and listen to in full/in general,, i can't find the exact words rn if im being honest.

everything about this album blends in so smoothly with one another, like everything belongs wonderfully and was put in carefully/with much thought/direction in a good way ofc. for example, in the beginning half of this album, i feel like k.r.i.t conveys how he once was (a careless, living in the moment sort ... read more

Olivia Rodrigo - bad idea right?
i.. actually don't entirely hate this song. sure, it's not the most creative or interesting thing olivia's ever done or in general and there are definitely things i don't like about it (olivia's inflection/the lyrics and verses imo can get a bit annoying, although after some time processing them i can see how they fit with the song's aesthetic a little and why she went that direction. the random sound effects will probably always annoy me though), but at the same time, the chorus is punchy, fun ... read more
Type O Negative - Everyone I Love Is Dead
man, this song's probably one of my favorite type o songs, or at least the one i go back to the most/from this era in their discography; the riff is haunting and dark and helps to paint the picture they're trying to convey of basically everyone in your life dying/how that affects you overall/looking back on the times when everyone was alive and well in your life, alongside peter steele's voice, which is unbelievably beautiful and sounds... helpless, in a way, which fits with the song, as well. ... read more
Dream - to whoever wants to hear
holy.. fucking shit!

now, i already expected this to be some of the most horrific shit ive heard in a while (because honestly, who older than 12 unironically listens to dream's music?) but i never expected it to be so boring to the point of it being ear grating. this entire album sounds so stock and generic, every song on this album either sounds like another song or some stale, sterile shit that you'd probably hear on the speakers of any stereotypical grocery store. every song, even though ... read more

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - Black and White
It ain’t easy being white,
It ain’t easy being brown!
All this pressure to be bright,
I got children all over town!
Sometimes when I lose my way,
Hell I get up, and I get down.
We rely on one another,
'Cause you're my bro!
Not my brother.
That's right brother..
Listen up, one time..
Hey bro..
Hit that guitar brother..
Sometimes when I lose my way,.
I get up and hell I get down.
We rely on one another. Listen up!
'Cause you're my bro!
You ain't my brother. Oh.
Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
firstly, just wanted to say that today (august 28th) is my birthday :)

secondly, this song is possibly one of the best songs to ever be released as a single and on this album as well, which is saying something. the riff and drums are some of the most earwormy and infectious shit ive ever heard when it comes to any instrumental ever, patton's singing is so beautiful and versatile as always but it definitely shines the most on this song when it comes to other faith no more singles. the chorus is ... read more

why the fuck did i willingly decide to listen to this tonight. ive never liked the stuff ive heard from ashnikko, ive always found her voice and her whole aesthetic annoying and overplayed/obnoxious and whiny/bratty and just, overall unpleasant to listen to. i can kinda see why people would gravitate towards her sound, especially since production wise it's not the worst thing in the world at some parts and the whole, i guess edginess/weirdness of everything about it can be appealing to some ... read more
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Parts One & Two)
this is imo one of the best jazz/gospel songs of all time. everything about it is just so damn powerful and evokes so much chaos while still being fascinating to listen to/hear it progress from the slower but still very intense beginning of the song to the other more,, desperate part. i also really love every aspect of the instrumentation and the vocals, both nina's singing throughout the whole song and the backing chanting at the end (but nina's singing especially ofc, even though the backing ... read more
Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
this album is possibly my favorite album to come out this decade so far. almost every single moment of it is executed flawlessly and is just beautifully depressing, and brings a lot of,, character and life into the whole concept/theme of this album, despite it being sung and written with so much emotion. i feel like isaac's numb but still very emotive voice fits every aspect of the instrumentation, whether it be with the soft plucked guitars on "bread song" or the trumpets(?) on ... read more
The Microphones - The Moon
god, this'll probably come off pretentious but, something about this song is so,, hypnotic in a way to me, all the way through; the first minute or so of the song when it's the stripped down guitar builds it up perfectly, as it's so well done and played but still soft/peaceful sounding, for lack of a better term. and then when it fades out the softness with the drums is fucking satisfying too, and after/on top of that i feel like phil's really quiet singing fits how much louder the instrumental ... read more
iNihga - lil darkie music so ass
this song with the music video is the funniest fucking shit ive ever seen in my life. like "BITCH I PULL UP ON NASA JUST TO SAY FUCK LIL DARKIE MUSIC 🗣💯'" with the stereotypical ass picture of a bunch of people from nasa is absolute fire. speaking facts and preaching all the way through fr 🔥
Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind
man, i don't even know how to describe or explain what i think of this album well still, and i listened to it over,,, 13 or so hours ago.

it's a chaotic, horrifying, and just downright strange listen at the majority of points, both lyrically and instrumentally. however, each topic mentioned, whether it be sacrifice, child abuse/neglect or being taken advantage of, for example, is sung/spoken so... calmly, for lack of a better term, and it adds to how morally deplorable and fucked up those ... read more

Travis Scott - UTOPIA
so, funnily enough, since i genuinely live under a rock pretty much, before i listened to this album i hadn't ever listened to a travis album in full, and.. holy fucking shit, people were right being so hyped for this damn album to release.

the samples and beats feel so,, floaty and kinda ethereal but fun at the same time throughout this entire album, while also at the same time not making it sluggish/the same thing over and over and always changing it up too (and in general in that regard as ... read more

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
this album's basically flawless and acclaimed highly for a reason, however, concept wise it's absolutely fascinating and imo executed so well in the most fucked up way possible, like it really is all a downward spiral, in a way. for example the fact that each song is sort of an extra piece of this person going from an enraged, morally bankrupt, grimy, uncontrollable and in general deplorable piece of shit in all aspects to sort of a very mellow and depressed (but still with a veneer of chaos) ... read more
25,000 kittens - 25,000 kittens
so, this is something i really haven't told anyone in great detail but; i have two cats, max and ruby, both named after the tv show as my family got them when i was around 4 years old. one of them, ruby, started to originally get sick and lethargic by around may of 2022, when she was approximately 10-12 years old. we took her to the vet by june of that year and found out that she has a permanent heart disease, hcm in particular. we thankfully were able to figure out what was wrong before ... read more
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