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Ensenada, México

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Apr 3, 2020
Too long
Apr 2, 2020
The remix of "Blinding Lights" is surprisingly good, it is almost another very different song, very few artists achieve that and I value it very much and more than that it is a song that is too strong to withstand the change in style, "Save Your Tears (OPN Remix)" and "After Hours (The Blaze Remix)" are fine, "Heartless (Vapor Wave Remix)" is awful, in case the song is bad, with this remix it sounds doubly horrible and "Sacred To Live (SNL Live) ... read more
Apr 2, 2020
After 5 years since Montevallo became successful in 2015 and achieved his greatest success (but not his best song) in 2017 with “Body Like a Back Road” he finally released an album. To have been a very successful country artist, it took too long to release a new album and the singles he released did not have enough promotion, one of those "Downtown's Dead", quite good, but he left her to die and currently he does it with "Kinfolks " The album does not compare to ... read more
Apr 1, 2020
I'll start by saying that I decided to listen to this album so I could say how bad or good it is without any fear. Dua Lipa is one of those "new" artists that I do not like, her voice is so bland and flat, I think there are better singers and with a more enjoyable voice color, she knew how to change the tone of her voice, step from singing as if fornicating to a more natural, but simple voice. With this album, added to "Stupid Love" by Lady Gaga and After Hours of The Weeknd ... read more
Apr 1, 2020
This is one of my 3 favorite soundtracks of all life (so far) [Flashdance and Purple Rain], although the film is a total rubbish with a stupid plot, like several movies, the soundtrack or the songs that appear in them many Sometimes they save movies, this is one of those cases. Great hits compiled into one, most excellent songs and that fully represent that essence of the mid 80's.

Footloose 100
Let's Hear It for the Boy 100
Almost Paradise (Love Theme "Footloose") 87
Holding Out for ... read more
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