Feb 16, 2019
God! This woman is so pretentious and boring, I do not know what is special about her if she is like a sleeping pill
Feb 15, 2019
This sounds pretty good
Feb 15, 2019
What happened to Avril Lavigne, since Goodbye Lullaby has not managed to do anything interesting. This album is boring, the order of the songs is chaotic, it puts "Dumb Blonde" later and before a ballad, that makes the album lose the rhythm that it has, it sounds annoying and without a doubt it is the worst song on the album and his second worst song of his career, let's not forget "Hello Kitty", that was a crap. As good album pop has quality in its sound, but it is just ... read more
Feb 14, 2019*
This song is more insipid, flat and simple. Another failure for Katy Perry, is the bad thing about not having Dr. Luke as a composer, right?
Feb 14, 2019
The version that comes in the deluxe edition is better
Feb 13, 2019
What the fuck is this?
Feb 12, 2019
how old this sounds. this is so 2000's
Feb 9, 2019
Ariana has been evolving since Dangerous Woman, but this time she is totally stuck, her predecessor Sweetener sounded cheerful, funny and full of life, instead thank u, next is totally the opposite, gloomy, depressing, sad, for boring moments and flat, like his was the B side. It's a shame that he's going for this musical style and not exploring other areas a little more pop. The first part and the final part of the album is the only thing that can be rescued, everything else sounds like filler ... read more
Feb 1, 2019
like because a new version of this so mediocre song
Jan 31, 2019
nothing innovative
Jan 29, 2019
Undoubtedly her best album
Jan 25, 2019
Siendo este el ultimo disco como un trio, logran el mismo exito que su anterior album logrando tener 6 sencillos, la mayoria #1.
Jan 25, 2019
Uno de los pocos grupos o artistas en español que lograron tantos éxitos de un solo album, es un disco que en su momento era algo fresco junto con toda la oleada de grupos y duos pop que nacieron en México en esa década.
Jan 24, 2019*
This was again throwing 20 minutes in the trash. She should go back to co-write hit pop and not become her one, she will not get past her only hit "issues". This is boring, monotonous, not even Selena Gomez could lift this somnolent EP
Jan 24, 2019
Wow with "Moderation", this is the kind of songs I like about Florence, but "Haunted House" is not very to my liking.

Moderation 87
Haunted House 70
Jan 24, 2019
i'm so bored...
Jan 23, 2019
Being in 2019 I can say that this is the one-hit wonder #1 of the decade and one of the best of these 10 years
Jan 23, 2019
En comparación con sus otros sencillos, esto suena muy bien, si sigue en esa dirección su próximo album podría ser una bocanada de aire puro en este mar de reggaeton en la música en español.
Jan 23, 2019
"Que Tiene" sonaba como una buena idea y refrescante para ella, pero estos ultimos sencillos menos "Fuego" se estan volviendo repetitivo y cayendo en lo facil de tratar de sonar "urbana"
Jan 23, 2019
Esto se esta volviendo repetitivo
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