Oct 6, 2019
TAEYEON brings into existence her solo Japanese debut with this six-tracks EP titled “VOICE”. it’s not like anything I stumbled upon, and it’s roaring at its core as it’s passionate.

opening up with “VOICE” (the title-track this time), the song begins soothingly until it finds its pop rhythm with a quite strong arrangement, blending the electric guitar with Taeyeon’s consistent vocals. on the other hand, the lyrics follow the voices of her heart and how it always calls out her lover’s name. speaking of its production, the background effects on the chorus makes this the typical J-Pop type of song. when I first heard it, I was in awe for the raw emotions put into this opening track. as soon as the love-like battle cry hit my ears hard, I held no disregard for the vigorous chorus- it’s not one I'm used to hear very often!

“I Found You” also follows up the use of the electric guitar, and it may this EP’s build-up. this second song uses the same formula as “VOICE”, and it’s just as emotionally raw as the latter track. the chorus bets on being really loud, and it’s all about meeting someone that embraces every part of you. quite lovely, isn’t it?

based on its introduction, “HORIZON” is the calmest one off the EP: it’s upbeat and cheesy, so as Taeyeon’s gentle vocals. the hook consists of the “falling in, falling in love” lines and I’ve grown to find it completely catchy and cute. “Vanilla” is up next, and it already gives off a steamy vibe as soon as it reveals upon us. Taeyeon sings in a rather racy manner up until the chorus, where she screams “Vanilla! Vanilla!” as the beats catches up to her.

welcome the funky track that “TURNT AND BURNT” is. the song’s evocative tune tells about the tireless party nights, and wouldn’t it be fun to hear it exactly at one? the title is up to something with its meaning being either too drunk, too high, too euphoric or too out of your senses. we farewell the partying track as the ballad-like “SIGNAL” makes its entrance. let me tell you, Taeyeon saved the best for last. building itself slowly (as usual) – daresay with a bit of R&B sounds between the two last tracks –, the composition both lyrically and musically are superb. comparing heartbeats as some sort of signal, Taeyeon waits until the chorus explodes to release her voice in the right capacity. the continuous hook makes everything better, for it’s so simple, yet so tuneful.

all of the six tracks consist of being about romantic scenarios while the sonority is pop noisy, and it’s nothing TAEYEON hasn’t mastered. her voice matches the wait-until-the-chorus-bursts types of song (just like “Fine”), and this EP singlehandedly focused on this exact formula, and not just partly. keeping out ballads and very deep songs, “VOICE” attracts a loud structure besides the excessive amount of lyrics material being only about a lover, being often hollow and not too meaningful. perhaps it’s too repetitive and deafening, but it sure matches my liking and it was a delightful experience coming from SNSD’s leader.

(this day also marks TAEYEON’s ever solo debut with “I”. glad she’s out here creating superlative projects.)
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