Vale-Smith - Origami
Sep 18, 2019
The one big thing that seemed to be holding Vale-Smith back on his debut record was a sense of timing as, at nearly an hour long, All For A Cascade seemed to be a pretty good EP trapped in a solid album. So, what happens when he decides to condense all of his little quirks and influences into a half an hour, non-stop assault? Uhhhh The Good Music™️, actually.

Through various twists and turns, Origami swaggers in with a flow that this year is unrivalled besides Flume's latest mixtape: it's hard to comprehend that this is comprised of fifteen tracks because gone are the technical hiccups of his last album, here's Vale-Smith bringing out a project cohesive and just downright fun. Godzilla is an absolute roller-coaster of an album, harnessing Vale's love of retro as well as his knack for the peculiar in order to produce an absolute scorcher of a song. The same can be said about North Orbit, a prime example of how well he can flip a sample back and forth to create a track perfectly sizzled on all of its many faces: seriously though, even after 11 listens that bass kicking in near the minute mark still gives me goosebumps.

Unfortunately its palette feels a bit restricted and some of the songs on the back-end really start to accentuate this. It might feel a bit hypocritical to say this considering how much I praised the pacing of the album but a song or two on the cutting room floor could really have boosted this up to great territory. As it stands, Origami is still a pretty good release that stands out as some of 2019's best EDM.

Oh, if you're reading this Buff: what the fuck is that vocal sample on Typhoon? It has been bothering me for half a year because I RECOGNISE IT BUT CAN'T PIN IT DOWN.
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Sep 19, 2019
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