Car Seat Headrest - Commit Yourself Completely
Since the day I bought Revolutions: Live at Wembley, I’ve always had a certain fascination for artists recording their live performances and delivering it like the rest of their catalogue. While this may read like the start of a UCAS personal statement, it’s no less true especially when live albums aren’t often considered “real releases” (besides the usual big suit exceptions).

This Car Seat Headrest album could have simply been a wined and dined (or is it hobbled and scrobbled) type of situation. Surprisingly enough though, there’s something a bit more tangible about Commit Yourself Completely than originally thought.

Maybe it’s due to how it bucks the trend of recording an entire gig, mixing/mastering it a tad and sending it out. Sure, Stop Making Sense wasn’t just *one* night but when compared to CYC’s 9 different locations/nights, it’s a leap more than a step up in this department. This isn’t hugely noticeable (in fact it’s so consistent at times you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s one night’s serving) but little touches especially with the crowd give it a little globe-trotting spice that helps it go down all the better.

That being said, CYC’s quality could just come down to the fact that CSH are a wonderful live band that are exceptional at what they do. The one thing you’ll ask your pal after a gig is what their favourite song/performance was. When it comes to this album, you could ask six folk and manage to get a different answer from every one of them. This man’s choice? Of course, it’s Beach Life-in-Death.

I don’t expect Commit Yourself Completely to change the aforementioned "live album not real" attitude but I also wouldn’t be surprised if this starts to become a bit of a cult classic in the coming years: after all, nearly everything Will Toledo touches seems to become gold in the eyes of the internet, yours truly included.

Oh, and yes, I’m not purposely ignoring the Frank Ocean cover on here. Mr Toledo, if you’re reading this – I hope we can move past that fateful night at Glasgow’s O2 ABC in 2018.
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