Metro Boomin - Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Mr unpopular opinion here but this album doesn’t compare to his other collabs
Tyler, the Creator - Wolf
It’s better than I remember but it has aged poorly in some areas. When this album is at it’s best when Tyler is honest and is creating some genuinely catchy and earwormy melodies. That is undermined by the edginess from his earlier projects. Tracks like Domo23 and Jamba are actually annoying to listen to due to Tyler’s inability to realize how pathetic the lyrics are. However the best tracks on here are enough to make this album enjoyable and it gives you a good idea of what ... read more
Roddy Ricch - Feed Tha Streets III
More like Feed Tha Bank Account
With Brockhampton’s story officially being over I decided to revisit this album. Now I did love this album when it came out but damn is it even better now. I seriously think that the BH haters need to take a serious look into this album. This is the evolution that I think all of us were hopping for after the SATURATION series. The highs are so unbelievably high however there are some low points like COUNT ON ME, I’LL TAKE YOU ON and OLD NEWS. But despite that I seriously think this ... read more
Edit: This was not a 6/10

Now this feels more like a family than The Family. While I think there are catchy tracks here I will say that this wasn’t the grand ending I was hopping for. While this album had more of the collective energy I wanted from The Family I felt like this album was missing the layer of finality that was on the other project. I feel like there other projects are more consistent and I think ROADRUNNER actually served as a good ending on it’s own. Not bad at all ... read more

As a final album for BROCKHAMPTON this album feels weirdly tone deaf. Kevin’s writing is really good throughout the project, but it’s only Kevin. We have one appearance from bear face but no other member gets any verses or even adlibs throughout the LP. Even the style is so different than the other albums. As a Kevin Abstract solo album it works but the community that the other BH albums created is pretty much gone when the other members aren’t present.

Fav tracks: RZA, Gold ... read more

Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight
Okay I was super harsh on this album before and while I don’t love it I can still enjoy tracks here. There are insane highlights like the ends, way back, outside, goosebumps and pick up the phone, however these tracks are ruined by some awful deep cuts. first take and sdp interlude are just awful straight up. There is good stuff here however this is still a filler project at it’s core. It’s sad cause I do believe that the best cuts here give of a different vibe then other ... read more
slowthai - i know nothing
What the actual fuck is this
Charlie Puth - CHARLIE
What a bitch
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
This is it. This is everything I wanted from Quad but never knew I needed. Such a fantastic concept that is elevated by excellent production. I am loving this all the way. Amazing project and really out there and experimental.
Nas - King's Disease III
IT’S FUCKING TIME!!! This series has really brought Nas to a insane third act in his career. I still prefer KD2 but man this is so fucking consistent that I can’t deny the quality. Another great project from Nas. And Hit-Boys beats were in point yet again.

Fav tracks: Legit,; Thun; Michael & Quincy; 30; Hood2Hood; Reminisce; Once a Man, Twice a Child; Get Light; First Time; Beef; Don’t Shoot

Least fav: WTF SMH

The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention
I took me so long to listen to this cause I was worried of being disappointed. While this didn’t live up to my expectations I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Where the album falls flat is mostly on the lack of thematical purpose in my opinion. It feels less focused then a lot of Thom Yorke and John Greenwood’s previous project. Despite that this record is still really well made
Gorillaz - Baby Queen
Another W
I think that Glimpse of Us set this album up to fail. I love that track so much and genuinely consider it to be one of the best tracks of the year, however nothing on this album gets close to that high. It’s even more of a shame that the second half feels very pointless in the bigger picture. While having a shiny exterior I still want more.

Fav tracks: Glimpse of Us, Before The Day Is Over, NIGHT RIDER

Least fav: Dissolve

Westside Gunn - 10
A fitting ending to the HWH series
Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss
Drake please stop, you’re 30+ and posting hentai on the gram
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Despite how much I really don’t like Michael, I can’t deny the brilliance on this record. I also can’t deny that the music video for Thriller might have subconsciously created my interest for film and music. This album was my childhood and it holds up to this day despite the actions of the person behind the mic.
Lil Wayne - Rebirth
For my 500th rating I decided to take a look at a true masterpiece. This album is a masterclass of musicianship. It’s so incredible that I actually had to pause multiple times to process how funny this album is. I hope we get a return to this rock style from Wayne in the near future.
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - SAVAGE MODE II
Such a massive improvement from the first installment
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