Liljc -
One of my favorite of his songs. Total bop.
Liljc -
Very swag. I knew it would be interesting to here Phil process what has happened over the last year or so and he kind of does that here. He does that very well and it’s quite pretty.
Liljc -
I hope this album is good. I think this might be false hope considering the awful cover art and title and the way those intro riffs sound like my least favorite kind of 80s rock. However, the rest of the song is actually pretty good. I think the chorus is catchy, the instrumentation is solid and the lyrics are passable. Hype?
Liljc -
Ok. I saw him live last night. That was one of the best experiences I’ve had. He has so much energy and charisma as a live performer, now that I’m returning to this I like it even more. Changing it to a 98.
Liljc -
Disappointing but not bad. It’s probably disappointing because, despite referencing their past work in the lyrics “Call the doctor, dig me out of this mess”, this is a massive stylistic shift. While Sleater-Kinney has changed up their sound in the past, with this release they have abandoned a lot of what made them such a unique band. The vocal and guitar interplay between Carrie and Corin is gone. There is bass on this record, which is a first. I feel like this ultra clean ... read more
Liljc -
Imma go through these tracks one by one cause that seems like what everyone else is doing and I am a sheep that follows the herd.
Cosmilk- Space junk: Really entertaining and atmospheric song. I like the production and vibe. Interesting sample choices as well. Definitely the best track on the compilation. 8/10
Acreativename-random song I made when i was bored: A pleasant beat, didn’t do a lot to keep me engaged... but it was pretty. 6/10
Ryan Benis- VEGAN: I mean, it’s pretty funny, ... read more
Liljc -
*Edit: no longer my favorite ajj album.*
I think this is their best album. Maybe a controversial opinion? Sure, there are some musical detours that make me ask why, such as the kazoo sonata, but the highs are so fucking amazing. This album is slightly more of a mixed bag when it comes to lyrical themes than the previous album. Which I actually like, I like the variety. Also that album art... that’s beautiful.
“I subsist on a steady diet of shame” Big facts
Liljc -
One of the best rock albums of the decade. Weezer was low key on a hot streak with EWBAITE and white. These hooks are so catchy and blissful, lyrics are not cringey and performances are good. One thing that distinguishes this from a lot of other 21st century weezer albums is that the production is absolutely killer.
Liljc -
In most years this would most definitely be the song of the year. However, last year slow dancing in the dark came out.
Liljc -
This is one of those songs I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of. It’s truly beautiful.
Liljc -
Liljc -
Going from the fire that is young thug and Mason Ramsey to this was not a vibe. 😥
Liljc -
Bumping my score up a few points. Not my favorite of Phil Elverum’s albums, but it makes me feel the most emotions. Even more than a crow looked at me. Also probably the most beautiful album he’s made. His voice and guitar are so soothing, and yet also somewhat strange and unnerving, if that makes sense.
Liljc -
I feel like if I were to record a serious album it would sound vaguely like this. You know, Weezer/ Jeff Rosenstock plus bedroom pop with random jazz interludes and somewhat unconventional song structures. Some moments are a little boring, but as far as influence-core, modern indie rock albums go this is really good. Please go listen to cold weather, that track slaps. And the title track too, that’s anthemic.
Liljc -
So um... this wasn’t finished. Obviously. It was pieced together by someone on bandcamp, I feel like my score would be a high nine if these songs moved on from being in demo state (I know a lot did). With that being said this is still really great. Long time sunshine is my second favorite Weezer song.
Liljc -
This is like absolute crack for us Weezer/ Elliott Smith fans. Unfortunately, here the short song shtick doesn’t totally work on every track. Still a very pleasant, creative, and beautiful listen.
Liljc -
I feel like for every mediocre or lackluster moment on this album there’s an absolutely incredible moment that will redeem it. Hacker, the fever, get got and I’ve seen footage are some the most iconic, and best songs of the decade. For so long I’ve just assumed I wouldn’t enjoy this group’s music, and now after trying this album as a whole I’m really enjoying it.
Liljc -
You just don’t know how to have fun. 😤
Liljc -
The instrumental climax that this song reaches is definitely more interesting than anything happening on the other two singles. I like the first part of the track as well, it’s a little disturbing sounding, sort of like AE( the joy division song). The end is kind reminiscent of the woods which is good... A decent single
Liljc -
The Napoleon Dynamite song is a bop.
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