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Feb 27

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Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children

The first released studio album from the Scottish brothers and musical duo Boards of Canada is a landmark project in IDM, and to this day one of the most beloved albums of the genre. It directly inspired electronic musicians like Four Tet and Tim Hecker, and it's one of my favourite collections of background music.

Sandison and Eoin were very passionate on what type of music they wanted to create here. They wanted to experiment in electronic music, without necessary going ... read more

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Everything Everything - Mountainhead
It's been a while since I got such a good mountain head.

Radiohead fans are eating good this year even without an actual new RH release, with Wall of Eyes, Tangk and now this. Sonically Everything Everything does pretty much the same as on their 2022 project, but in my opinion this one is just a slight bit more polished, than Raw Data Feel. It's just a great synthpop project with a rock flair - there are slightly fewer big bops here, but more overall consistency.

Mountainhead is a very ... read more

Radiohead - The Bends
For my 200th review (yaaaaaay), I'll make a habit out of what I started a hundred reviews ago, and I'll write about the second album from my favourite Bend (look mom, I'm so funny!) of all time.

For quite a few years, I thought I didn't like The Bends all that much. In fact I considered it to be barely better than Pablo Honey. I thought it had too many fillers and it still had too much of a cringe, early '90s britpop vibe. While I stand by some of that, my latest revisits of this album ... read more

The Chisel - What A Fucking Nightmare
This album reminds of the Snõõper album from last year. Both are short hardcore punk projects, both were recommended by daddy Fantano, and both left me utterly unimpressed.

The title of the first track on the album (after the intro) says exactly what the entire thing will be like: No Gimmicks. There's no quirk, no decoration, just fast and heavy punk rockouts. The Chisel do that pretty decently, but to my ears this is too generic, with barely any uniqueness in its sonic ... read more

Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
Saying that Yellow House is psychedelic is the understatement of the century. I was so hopelessly lost in the soundscape of this project, I forgot I was listening to music. I felt transported into a liminal dreamscape, not unlike the titular house on the album cover. This album is just so textured, yet so understated, it feels absolutely surreal.

It's the little descending or trilling xylophones on the first two songs and Central and Remote that give this project a whimsical, fragile ... read more

David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

One of the most underappreciated and forgotten gems in Bowie's entire catalogue. Though the album cover might suggest that he's leaning into the success of Ziggy Stardust more, but in fact this is a very forward thinking album, that has some of his best material. He just keeps changing and evolving, not getting stuck with a sound for more than an album.

The best thing about this LP is without a shadow of a doubt in my mind the extra musicians Bowie and producer Ken Scott ... read more


Hi liminal_raptor! I'm working on my first community list! "Against the Grain". As the title suggest, opinions where you are against the grain. Albums, EPs, Mixtapes, or Singles, that you think critics and/or users (preferably both) got completely wrong, including why you think so and/or why people should reconsider it. I was curious if you'd like to participate.
it's a wonderful discovery, so many great albums
Hey liminal raptor, I never put my reviews in people shoutboxes, but this is a lot of hard work that I want to get some attention. I’m starting a project in which I’m going to review every Phil Elvrum album currently available. I’ve only done two so far, but I’ll be trying to do 1 a day until all 61 are complete. You obviously don’t have to read these large texts, but I want this effort to get a little more attention than most of my reviews. Here are the first two in case you want to give them a glance:
Hey Liminal Raptor, I just released my first EP and I would really appreciate if you could review it. I put a lot of passion into my art and I would like to know your thoughts.

Hi! This is the second single from my upcoming album (salt/copper) coming out on March 1st. This is the most acoustic of all the songs on the album. If you listen and hate or love it, I'd appreciate a rating or review so much as I love to receive and feedback I can. Hope you enjoy!
Holy shit, I just realized. I'm almost at 200 reviews!
How the hell did that happen that quick?! Especially since how long my reviews are.
Alright guys, well, time for a 200th review special! Coming soon.
I'll put up a list of albums to review for my 200th review special, however if you want to, you can just recommend those albums to me instead of telling me so I'll put it on the list. Thank you in advance.
hey i'm making a list and its about music and its really cool. it's to compile AOTY's favorite albums of january so if you want to here it is:
if you dont want to participate just reply "stfu don't ever send a shout to me ever again" or "who has the time to listen to 5 new albums in a month?"
Hey Mr. Raptor... can I call you Liminal? Are we homies like that yet? Anyways I am once again an AOTY user asking for your time.

Self-promos aren’t something I usually feel comfortable doing, since if you’re not interested in what I’m promoting then I don’t really wanna make you watch something you don’t care about. And if that’s the case, feel free to just ignore me, I probably won’t ever do shoutbox promos again anyway lol. But I recently dropped Part 1 of my top 20 songs of 2023 and spent a TON of time on editing and stuff so I’m gonna self-indulge a little bit here. If you’ve got the time or it sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love to know what you think of it! Thank you!
I appreciate the follow!


25 (he/him)

I only listen to music I suspect I'll enjoy, so ratings will tend to be higher than average.

Mainly catching up with recent stuff, but once in a while I also review classics.

Library is just some short term TBL i don't want to forget about.

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