Helado Negro - PHASOR
Feb 11, 2024 (updated Feb 18, 2024)
My man just dropped some of the freshest sounding songs of the year so far.

PHASOR is a very soft indietronica project that has so much tasteful experimentation, it sounds effortlessly original. It also has some latin pop roots, and I also sense some dream-pop aspirations as well (the opening track especially, which sounds like the latin version of After the Magic).

With all that said, next to the crisp sounds of the album, the other thing I like the most here is how laid-back it is. PHASOR has very chill vibes, that has just enough going on to be mildly stimulating. It has a fascinating, but altogether very cozy atmosphere, because the often ambient electronic sounds are kinda cold, but the songwriting and the quiet singing is warm and welcoming.

Maybe it caught me at a nice moment, and I just needed a feel-good album, but it really clicked for me. Don't expect anything groundbreaking, it's not revolutionary, or big enough to even be fantastically outstanding. PHASOR is kinda like a refreshing walk in the park for me - nothing really to write home about, but still a very nice experience.

(EDIT: This is one of the most consistent 35 minutes of the year so far. There is barely any fluctuation in the quality of the songs, all of them are just really good, chill indietronica tracks. Really good late winter album, and the cover art just makes so much sense together with the music.)

Favourite: Best For You and Me

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