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Björk - Debut
May 16

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loganchung -
yeah yeah, it's repetitive and just another tiktoker song, but you gotta give Bella some credit. ms. rae and really really really really sad girl could never
loganchung -
I have a feeling this would sound amazing on vinyl.

This was a very pleasant surprise as I had never listened to anything from this artist. Overall, I can say it was a great pick me up.

The atmospheric production along with the soulful yet soothing vocals had me just vibing the whole time. It was so comforting, like a warm feeling during the summer season. I will say that some of the songs are a little forgettable due to the pacing being quite steady throughout the whole thing. But, I can see ... read more
loganchung -
well this was uhhh.....something. definitely something.

daisy slaps tho
loganchung -
Fka Twigs didn’t just make an album, she crafted an experience of pure artistry.

The juxtaposition that is meticulously woven throughout is absolutely incredible. To sum things up, Twigs is essentially utilizing Mary Magdalene, a biblical figure, as a personal allegory. Both females never truly had full control of their own narrative due to patriarchy. Mary Magdalene is infamous for being wrongly labeled as a prostitute and a sinful woman throughout history, while Twigs on the other ... read more
loganchung -
Nothing was the same after Royals dropped.


Jul 20, 2021
hey logan, are you still around? the new kanye albums coming out lmfaoo
Jul 8, 2021
thx for follow!!
Jun 27, 2021
thank you for the follow!!
Jun 23, 2021
Sorry, a lot of the albums I would have chosen are on that list. Apologies for the late response.
Jun 21, 2021
Hey, I only just saw your comment so sorry for the late reply, but I do love this prompt and it's actually a pretty tough one! I think the most fitting scenario would probably be Kid A. Generic pick I think, but my god that album already feels like the end of the world.

Everything in its right place while the sky is burning and people dying around me would be one hell of a horror experience haha. Then its just a rollercoaster of emotions from there on out. How to Disappear Completely would probably start my mental breakdown as thom wails "I'm not here, this isnt happening" and really make me savour those last few moments with just how hard hitting that song is. Treefingers would cause me to space out and truly appreciate the extent of the damage being done, and then toward the end of the album Motion Picture Soundtrack would be a nice blow out to the end of my life, as Thom suggests I might meet him in the next one CUUUTE.
Jun 8, 2021
:D so hows your rap escapade going
Jun 4, 2021
happy pride month
Jun 2, 2021
omg i just read this im sorry šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ melodrama by lorde idk why but it changed my music taste alot and i became more open to other genres šŸ˜­šŸ˜­
Jun 1, 2021
Bandcamp.com is also a Cool place to discover new music as well as music-map.com- this one is algorithm based you'll type the name of the musician and search_ the website will give you the name of musicians similar to the artistes or artistes doing the same genre/style
Jun 1, 2021
I understand bro, too many music out there and it's overwhelming I just listen to lesser known artistes based on the genres I love. A great place is indieshuffle.com the website is very good any artistes you find interesting based on the genres you love or similar artistes description just go for it


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Hi ! Welcome to my page. I mostly listen to pop, but Iā€™m trying to branch out into other genres. Probably rating things too high. Please send me recs, if you want ofc !

go follow these two rats :) @MariMcNugget @yeenaw

pretty inactive ~ swimming everyday is draining

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