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Mar 30, 2021 (updated May 24, 2021)
Fka Twigs didn’t just make an album, she crafted an experience of pure artistry.

The juxtaposition that is meticulously woven throughout is absolutely incredible. To sum things up, Twigs is essentially utilizing Mary Magdalene, a biblical figure, as a personal allegory. Both females never truly had full control of their own narrative due to patriarchy. Mary Magdalene is infamous for being wrongly labeled as a prostitute and a sinful woman throughout history, while Twigs on the other hand was constantly bombarded with demonization and degrading acts in the media during and after her relationship with celebrity Robert Pattinson. Pattinson’s fans were angry after the breakup, and Twigs was rightfully fearful for the scrutiny she would face.

Sonically this album is full of differing production elements that all blend together beautifully. Things such as trap/dubstep, experimental, ambient, chamber, glitch-pop, etc. On top of the production, Twigs presents us with her airy and sharp vocals. Even with all of the clashing synths, the vocals prevail over everything; her falsettos feel so haunting yet breathtaking.

Each song holds to be such a crucial part in telling Twigs’ story as each portrays a different emotion.

The opener “thousand eyes” is a cold beginning. Twigs states that
“If I walk out the door, it starts our last goodbye
If you don't pull me back, it wakes a thousand eyes”
She knew that once her relationship with Pattinson ended, all the media’s eyes would be right on her.

In “home with you” she ponders on what she could have done differently in the relationship.

In “sad day” she is struck with the realization of how this whole situation came to be.

In “holy terrain” she discusses what she wants in the future in spite of Pattinson’s shortcomings.

The raw and emotional betrayal of Pattinson is presented in “mary magdalene.”

Her anger that pursued after in “fallen alien.”

Her loneliness and the jealousy of those who are in an affectionate relationship in “mirrored heart.”

The depressive episode that she had to endure in “daybed.”

And the conclusive track “cellophane” where Twigs recognizes the end and that this relationship was not meant for her.

Mary Magdalene may not be able to rewrite her story, but consequently, she can be used as a symbol for Twigs as she rediscovers herself after all of her pain. She can use Magdalene as a way to exert her own control over men and her life.

This album at its core is about a breakup, and it demands your attention. The lush vocals and production coincide perfectly with the messages that Twigs speaks upon. She feels so misunderstood and vulnerable in the aftermath of it all, however, she fights for empowerment in herself and all of the women who have been misconstrued.

Magdalene took me on a journey like no other, producing so many emotions that I can not even comprehend. I definitely foresee myself revisiting it many times in the future. If you have 40 minutes to spare, I highly encourage you to check it out and get lost within her world of heartbreak.

side note: This was my first more serious review where I really go in-depth on my feelings and thoughts. Hopefully, it’s not too confusing for all of you. I’ll get better at it over time :)

favorite tracks: thousand eyes, sad day, holy terrain, mary magdalene, cellophane

least favorite tracks: n/a

@EnigmaticSnob thank you so much!!!
wow that's a great review
@mediocre_feet thank you for your kind words!!
Goat review
@Jedthemerchant yoooo thank youuuuuu
excelent review i feel the same feeling for magdalene in fact is my favorite album of all time
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