the world is ending...but we're still here, right?

community list ~

The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The last survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. Miraculously, you find an old device that can play music. You can only play one album as the battery is nearly dead. Knowing that you have little time left, what is the one album that you choose to listen to as you watch the world crumble before your eyes?

If I did not shout you and you would like to be included, please comment an album along with an explanation. I will happily add it. Thanks!

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
my pick
explanation: "This album gave the concept of death an entirely new meaning, well for me at least. I feel like the beautifully hushed songs would fit perfectly in this type of setting; as I sit back, process, and contemplate life."
System of a Down - Toxicity
BGL13's pick
explanation: n/a
Everything Everything - Get To Heaven
cakenator's pick
explanation: "my go to album in times of desperation"
Coldworld - Melancholie²
Stankysauce's pick
explanation: n/a
静香 [Shizuka] - Traditional Aesthetics
Flamingooooo's pick
explanation: "This album feels like the end of something, whether it’s world or the life itself, it’s comforting, and will make you die with the smile on your face."
Converge - Jane Doe
YeezyWazGud's pick
explanation: "I think this record truly represents the end of the fucking world in the most destructive and theatrical way possible. While there are other albums I love about the world ending like Pure Comedy and A Quiet Farwell, but I don't think any other albums quite signifies the situation being described as well as Jane Doe does. I feel like it would culminate everything I had been through up until that point (assuming that the lead up to this point is absolutely chaotic). I picked this album over the others because it views the world coming to an end in the least glorified way possible while not stating that the world ends in a hush but rather an explosion."
Panchiko - D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L
pastelmoon's pick
explanation: "the whole lore and "meaning" around the album is the fact it was a missing record nobody heard of, on the disk rot side of the album, it really sounds like something you'd hear if you found a really old sound recording."

oakie's pick
explanation: "i feel like the last song, eyes of ibad, is a beautiful way to bid farewell to the world."
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
YuriDING's pick
explanation: "Ok, my favorite band is Linkin Park, they just changed my life and made me like music. I just love music the way I do today because LINKIN PARK. BUT, even LP being my favorite band of all time, existe one thing better, The Dark Side Of the Moon. This album just changed how I listen to music. Since I knew sites like AOTY and Rate You Music I have listened to a lot of new things, but I never saw anything that sound so perfect like The Dark Side. This album is everything, and I love every single second of that. If the world is ending, I would love to see all that I know being fadeout while I listen to The Great gig in the Sky, the Time solo, etc. Maybe the best part would be look at mountains exploding, close my eyes and listen the last sentence "is everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moooooooooooon". The Dark Side talk about every part of the human life and existence, is the perfect match."
Mac Miller - Circles
nathan ඞ's pick
explanation: "it's such a blissfully serene record that would surely bring peace and closure in a time as distressing as an apocalypse."
Syd Matters - Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles
porpoise's pick
explanation: "I can’t say it sounds particularly apocalyptic, but it does sound like an ending to me. Plus, it was the first album I ever saved on Spotify, so I think there is a certain symmetry in that being the last thing I listen to."
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Fhhgvnjscvbbg's pick
explanation: I would choose that album because it has a very apocalyptic and dark sound. Most of the lyrics are depressing and would help me accept my fate. The album is just great to listen to when watching the world burn.
Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
Windy's pick
explanation: "While none of the topics in the album are inherently apocalyptic, the overall sound is one that I'd imagine playing from a decaying device in a pile of rubble. Its sound seems to go through a lifetime of changes, and ending the music with Alvin Row would be a great experience. I don't know - it just seems right to imagine myself sitting there, looking at the remains of society to the sound of that album."
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
halbery's pick
explanation: n/a

Luconics' pick
explanation: "Estamos no fim do mundo. Por que não ouvir um álbum que trata sobre a vida de uma pessoa que viveu um evento que ocasionou um momento bem mais cruel do que o nosso conhecido e atual "fim do mundo"? É bom pra refletir sobre o que foi a vida na Terra, em um dos seus momentos mais trágicos."
Squid - Bright Green Field
redbded's pick
explanation: "To me, that album although extremely fun, it the sound of a withering man or world. It truly sounds like the collapse of a civilization, as Pamphlets abruptly ends with haziness and the drums just stopping."
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F♯ A♯ ∞
marcotonho's pick
explanation: "so much for the apocalyptic nature you bring with you and why it would be an honor to hear you as the world falls by my side - strange as it is to say so. The album have 63 minutes (CD), and even if the usable time was over, I would love to feel a sinister atmosphere as I felt listening to it."

AceSlayer's pick
explanation: "I believe that the album nails it, in terms of capturing an apocalyptic atmosphere, with the world crumbling down to hell. With lines in "The Dead Flag Blues" alone on the CD Version, like "The Buildings Toppled in on Themselves," "These are truly the last days", "The Skyline was beautiful on Fire", and "For Sure it's the Valley of Death", they're creepy af and fit that world-ending vibe, and the same goes for most of the album, especially in "Providence" (CD Version)."

Stal's pick
explanation: "I much prefer lift your skinny fists but F# just has a pessemistic end of the world feeling to it"

MasterCrackfox's pick
explanation: "That was the exact kind of vibe Godspeed were reaching for and they totally nail it to the point that one of the movements was included in the apocalyptic movie 28 Days Later. If you're looking for an album that feels like Cillian Murphy running through a crumbling city while being chased by the undead, well then yeah, this is the one you're looking for."
Cindy Lee - What's Tonight to Eternity
currentjoyys' pick
explanation: "This album is dark and evil and the droney effects on the vocals add to this feeling of a terrible and sad ending."
Porter Robinson - Worlds
Riskr's pick
explanation: "The last song, "goodbye to a world" sounds exactly like this list's premise. It's what I imagine when I listen to the song."
Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights
reptilia0000's pick
explanation: "I honestly think that the sheer darkness of the album alongside the vocals that can get to sound as if they're coming from a totally dark place makes it my choice. Probably the song I'd choose over any other from the record would be "NYC", just imagining the scenario and Paul Banks singing "It is up to me now, turn on the bright lights" as I see the world falling to pieces sounds taken straight from a movie."
100 gecs - 1000 gecs
bl0nded's pick
explanation: "It would fit the apocalypse feeling of 'what even is going on rn'"
Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind
GeMann's pick
explanation: "because it's long 🤷‍♂️"

EnigmaticSnob's pick
explanation: "It has that apocalyptic feel to it and the overall disdain for life, but just as grand and epic as life itself."
Lou Reed - Perfect Day/Walk On The Wild Side
jcbal97's pick
explanation: "I'd listen to ''Perfect Day'' by Lou Reed and light up a cigarette while being sit in a reclined chair as I watch whatever is happening (and I don't even smoke)."
Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
ChanMart's pick
explanation: "Since it’s the end of the world, I guess the album would give me one final sense of hope before seeing everything fall to ashes. I also find a sense of melancholy and humor in the fact that an album so beautiful and soul-touching is being played at the end of everything, serving as a sort of comforting final embrace before the world crumbles and all is lost."
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
tbslandfill's pick
explanation: "it's an album that i think could give me courage to move forward while provide some sobering bleakness but also some optimism. then again, it's kinda hard not to pick the album that ends with 'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone,' so there's my answer."

kirboangry's pick
explanation: "Good Memories of me starting on the music world, so basically for nostalgia"
La Dispute - Wildlife
ihavetwoyeers' pick
explanation: "this is the album that i'll listen to when everything is very fucked up, it fit the scene perfectly and then i can accept the world's death after this."
The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
SnowyFighter's pick
explanation: "It's an amazing album, and I feel like it encapsulates the end of the world really well."

Slush_Puppy's pick
explanation: "I've decided I'd have to pick The Glow Pt. 2 by The Microphones. Partially because it's one of my favourite albums ever, but also because when I listen to it, it gives me this strange mixture of melancholy and comfort that no other album is able to bring out of me. I think it would provide what I would need at this moment with its themes of nature, death and separation. Also, the last track My Warm Blood ends with eight minutes of faint drones to allow me to sit with my thoughts in the final moments."
Fishmans - 98.12.28 男達の別れ (98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare)
freckledfreako's pick
explanation: "Watching the world crumble to this would fit perfectly as the music is so melancholic and it symbolizes the end for me."

louisomahoney's pick
explanation: "it's my favourite album of all time whihc also means it's a good way to go out!"
M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
TomBejoy's pick
explanation: "The point here is how some of these songs can put you on the verge of crying, and the albums dramatic backdrop may be repetitive, but the way the album's structured feels like an apocalyptic event in particular. But My Tears Are Becoming a Sea is what I'd like to hear when I get carried away into the ocean"
青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - 0
sweetboyballs' pick
explanation: "it feels like a warm embrace while everything around you goes to shit."
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
CLJesse's pick
explanation: "If everything's gonna fall apart, might as well listen to music that reflects it"

comunismin's pick
explanation: "since it really matches this apocalyptic and hopeless scenario while it still amazing musically and one of my favorites"
Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
leolucia's pick
explanation: "Home is not a physical space. Home is a mental space filled with people, and of course, art. Innerspeaker is part of my home in this way. I would want to return to this mental space one last time."
Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns
Musicnerdd's pick
explanation: "it's about the end of the world and nuclear war."
Arca - KiCk i
CrazyCrusher's pick
explanation: "it feels like an end of the world type album"
Radiohead - Kid A
InitializeSahib's pick
explanation: "it definitely sounds like some post-apocalyptic arctic landscape; I think the lyrical themes and the sounds reflect that well. Also, the cover art gives off a similar vibe of this cold, alien place that you really shouldn't be in"

MikeOwen's pick
explanation: "Besides it being one of my favourite albums, it was the first album that came to mind that really seemed to fit your prompt: there's something quite desolate and apocalyptic about it, sombre and dark with flickers of white light. The whole thing encapsulates the emotions that I feel would come in this scenario: anxiety, desperation, cynicism, hope, wistfulness, sadness, etc. The end of the album with "Motion Picture Soundtrack" sounds like the feeling you get at the end of a long, night-time car journey to a destination that you don't want to be at, and in the setting you propose I see it as the crossroads between the life you know and the scary and unknown world you now find yourself in."
M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
TehSniper_143's pick
explanation: "Reasoning behind that is cause that album feels like exploring a desolate area of nothingness, plus I can imagine listening to "Noise" or "Beauties Can Die" before dying and that being a very poetic ending..."
Daft Punk - Homework
AngelHerntz's pick
explanation: "cause we have to dance till the end of the world..."
C418 - Minecraft - Volume Alpha
Drone3000's pick
explanation: "Somewhat ironic yet also sombre, it'd provide me with some humour and melancholy before the end."
Slowdive - Just for a Day
andiov's pick
explanation: "it just has this slow heat death of the universe vibe to it that'd match the tone of the scenario"
Sigur Rós - ( )
PipePanic's pick
explanation: "if i'm watching everything i've ever loved crumble before me, I'm gonna need music to help me be comforted, and I feel like this album does that for me."
Jeff Buckley - Grace
opinionofnobody's pick
explanation: "I'd wanna go out listening to an all time favourite with some emotional punch and thinking about love."
Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Scre4meh's pick
explanation: n/a

theryanhimself's pick
explanation: "cause I'll forget that everything else doesn't matter anymore. I can just vibe."
Justin Bieber - Freedom.
eliiscool5's pick
explanation: "so that I can die peacefully knowing death can't be worse than existence"
Swans - The Seer
365WHATAPPLE's pick
explanation: "The album is 2 hours of straight up apocalyptic noise, which would fit as the soundtrack to the end of the world."
青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - 0%
zinedineChae's pick
explanation: "everything just feels alright when I'm listening to her music, and I think 0% is her most beautiful record."
Keiichi Okabe - NieR:Automata (Original Soundtrack)
Aywowd's pick
explanation: "The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with no humans left on earth, I think that would be fitting. The soundtrack is amazing though I would skip Emil's Shop on this occasion."
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
castoffcrown's pick
explanation: "I'm pretty sure if my life flashes before my eyes sometime in the future, it will be soundtracked by this album. It's shared blissful moments with me and carried me through my worst. I'd have to experience it one last time."
Lea Bertucci - Acoustic Shadows
mrmerle's pick
explanation: "Because the first song feels like a musical depiction of a fatalistic chaotic escape from Earth and the second one dives more into human fears and anxieties. For the end of the world, the intensity and scale of the album feels pretty fitting to me."
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Fratzolas' pick
explanation: "i think that the whole vibe of the album is very dry and the concept of it being about the end of the world fits the apocalyptic reality you are talking about perfectly"
Machine Girl - WLFGRL
MONKEY_reviews' pick
explanation: "You listen to this so that you die faster."
Björk - Vespertine
Ari007's pick
explanation: "It's the most beautiful album I've ever heard, it's not an apocalyptic album but a calming and mind warping album that would be perfect as the last one I will hear 💚"

FakeSmile's pick
explanation: "None of the albums I've listened except this album gave me the feeling it did. I still get goosebumps everytime I listen to it, just like my first time. And if I had the chance to listen an album in a situation like that, I would definitely choose this album."
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Andrei's pick
explanation: "It's probably the most perfect album I've ever heard, and the whole album, especially first couple minutes of it's opening track, storm sound like something in an apocalyptic movie. It's just such a beautiful album and one that would be the final thing I would want to hear."

Rater's pick
explanation: "there is no other band that i've heard that nails this "the world is ending" kind of aesthetic like them"

Felix_96's pick
explanation: "GY!BE always gives me those apocalyptic vibes. At the beginning of the album it feels like the world slowly starts to crumble an at the end you feel like the universe has utterly devoured our earth."
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probably Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder - The world is already sad and shitty at this point, so probably the happiest it could feel at the moment is through this.
Love it
kojey radical - reason to smile. that album is so fun and happy, so id die smiling
loveless. one more trip as it all fades to black
Spellling - The Turning Wheel
The Turning Wheel reminds of every reason as to why life can be wonderful and joyous. If the world were ending, this album would help me look back at what the world was with appreciation for how special life was.
Murder of the Universe by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

I think it's too obvious
Weezer - The Blue Album.
1: Listening to "Only In Dreams" right as it ends is worth it enough.
2: Almost every single track feels like its happy in spite of everything.
3: Imagine listening to "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" and the end of time feels so ethereal.
4: Its just generally the best.
5: I will be able to remember pleasant memories though its nostalgic value.
"Songs for the Deaf" by Queens of the Stone Age
I mean, have you heard the song "The Sky Is Fallin'"? It was literally constructed for the moment when the sky would fall. "Mosquito Song" is very sinister too! At the very least, I'll keep somewhat of an upbeat mood with the cheekiness of it all.
"Laughing Stock" by Talk Talk.

Explanation: to me, it sounds like a peaceful acceptance to the end of the word, and the album already has some themes of end of life.
HIStory Michael Jackson DUH
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Explanation: Well, it just creates this bittersweet, timeless, beautiful atmosphere. Hearing ITAOTS as the world shatters to tiny little pieces around will give me this one, final dream. This dream of love and warmth and longing and family and, well, everything, It will give me hope, maybe acceptance, even if for a mere moment.
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is my pick, and as for music for the end of time I have no better album in my mind. Maybe I will find one day, but for now I will pick this one.
Masakatsu Takagi - Kagayaki is probably my pick
I’m missing that sweet Cross from Justice
Oh man, I gotta think long and hard about the one I would pick…
Duster - Stratosphere, of all the albums I've heard in my lifetime, this album captures that feeling of dread and lonliness in the best way possible, Earth Moon Transit legit sounds like the ending theme to the world as a whole
True Romance - Charli XCX. ex. A Iconic Underrated Album of The 2010s And It Doesn't Get A Lot Of Attention Unlike Sucker
Great choices!
I would listen to "The turning wheel" reason: It is one of my fav album of all time, 57 mins listening is fantastic, especially the track "Revelution". I just feel better and it make me feel like im in another dimension
Hey, love the list! can you change my name to "SØREN" as that is what i go by on this site? Thanks!
gran lista
Ugly Is Beautiful - Oliver Tree. Explanation - A guilty pleasure of mine, just playing Im Gone would instantly do a perfect timing with the sudden explosion. Perfect.
Punisher- Pheobe Bridgers Explanation- This album encapsulates sadness and loneliness and constantly gives me goosebumps with how blunt and gorgeous the lyrics are. Not to mention the atmospheric production, creating a mood that I could hear a million times and never get bored of. In my eyes this album is perfect and in my last moments alive this is what id like to be listening to.
Great List :3
thank you sm for adding me! fantastic list! :)
And thanks for asking!!!
Hey i pick Blonde by Frank Ocean because in Pretty Sweet, for example, it would be how I would feel when I saw the world ending: disturbing and anguished. Then with Godspeed I would be much more thoughtful about where I will go when the whole world ends, which is after Planet Earth. In Futura Free analyzing everything that I have achieved, if I have felt satisfied with what I have lived or not and I think that Seigfried would be so thoughtful to listen to it while you watch how everything ends.
Great👍 concept list I'll listen to S16 by Woodkid the album has this apocalyptic concept and it will fit that time period. Thanks for messaging🙏
69 likes haahahahahahaaahhahaah
Lol I was gonna choose sftb for the same reason as gemann, but I had to go with get to heaven
Choice: Oil Of Every Pearl's Un - Insides
Explanation: This album has so many unique sounds and yet it is so human, and I think that is what the apocalypse would feel like so, yeah, also, it would remind me of a dance party that I wish I could go back to.

Thank you for messaging me! 💚
@Blyizz ofc!!!
Thanks for including me!
@BaddieBaphomet thank you so much <3
the cure's pornography is an obligatory mention
Sweet Heart Sweet Light by Spiritualized doesn’t just heavily cover death, religion, and have a bittersweet aura, but atmospheric rock with noise rock sections is the perfect vibe for the end. The album literally feels like you’re viewing your final concert, knowing you are going to die after it ends.
Hey my explanation for lift your skinny fists would be: It's probably the most perfect album I've ever heard, and the whole album, especially first couple minutes of it's opening track, storm sound like something in an apocalyptic movie. It's just such a beautiful album and one that would be the final thing I would want to hear.
Fantastic list!!
@ThomasGuy thank you for your submission!!
explanation: It's my favorite album of all time, and it's perfectly poignant for this doomsday scenario.
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars by David Bowie
@jules thank you so much!!!!
this list is so good!
@patricia4221 thank you so much :)
love this list! :)
@Ari007 @mrmerle thank you both so much <3
There are great choices in this list !
Good concept as well for a list.
love this <3
Put Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven by Godspeed You! Black Emperor for me, please
@InitializeSahib thank you so much, the scenario was really fun to envision
really nice idea for a list, places you inside the situation, not many others can do the same
@Scre4meh thanks!!!!!
Whole lotta red.
goddamn it @pastelmoon ur explanation was cooler
@freckledfreako thank you so much for the kind words :)
I love the concept! So glad that I could be apart of this:)
@wind @reptilia0000 thank you both so much, y'all are so sweet <3
Such a cool concept for a list man, this is genuinely so cool!
Okay ngl this is a suuuuper cool list idea :D really glad i could contribute!!!!!!!
@YuriDING thank youuuuu
Yes, is a good idea to a list, I'm happy that I could contribute, thank you for ask me 😄, huge list
@YeezyWazGud thank you so much, glad you could contribute :D
Really cool idea, so glad I could participate :)
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