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Gunna - DS4EVER
Jan 7

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LOGinthahouse -
I'm sad that I gave this score because I was so excited for anything that they'd release as they seem to be the most acclaimed band on this site right now. I don't think that I can say anything good about this song. The instruments used bore me and the melodies aren't special. The storytelling is limited and I don't like the singing on this particular song. It's all so boring to total at 9 minutes and I struggled to hold on. I'm sad that Bread song and Concorde were so good and this is a ... read more
LOGinthahouse -
This is the first and hopefully one of the only albums that I'll ever re-review. This is the only release from 2021 that I've changed my opinion on by a large portion. There are some albums where a song grew on me, for example: Corso and Manifesto from Call Me If You Get Lost have grown on me over 6 months, but my overall rating of it would still be 81 because my rating of those songs would only increase by about 0.3 or 0.4, but there are some songs on Donda that my opinion has changed on ... read more
LOGinthahouse -
Well... what can I say, out of the 3 big releases this week, this was my favourite when it seemed to be everyone else's least favourite. The reason that this is better than Sick is probably anticipation. Well, it's mostly anticipation because I expected too much and I expected this to have great bars and bad production. The production probably outdid the bars to my surprise. This is a mix of different sub-genres within Hip Hop. It's a trap record, a pop rap record and a conscious hip hop record ... read more
LOGinthahouse -
The only other previous earl project that I've listened to is "Some rap songs" and it was brilliant. However, this is not quite so brilliant. He's attempting to change up his entire vibe into a softer trap-jazz vibe. The album title did tell me that he was going to tell as story about the lows of his life and go into the deepest points of detail for the first time, but this is still abstract Hip Hop and after listening to "2010", I knew it would have conventions of classic ... read more
LOGinthahouse -
So here we are. Over the past day and a half I've been going through the entire discography of FKA twigs. She doesn't have a huge back catalogue, but it still felt like one hell of a journey to get to this point because of her wonky blends of Alt R&B with electronic music and art pop. I had a feeling that this would have a more laid-back approach as it's a mixtape and I was right. This is much more detailed and layered than any other mixtape being released nowadays, but much more generic ... read more


Dec 31, 2021
That makes sense and I think your given scores are completely reasonable. Lana Del Rey definitely has plenty of albums that from a technical standpoint are rather heavily flawed, blue bannisters being a solid example of it, but I do still enjoy most of them quite a bit, my subjective bias :D. I do think her 2019 Norman Fucking Rockwell record is her best work by far.
Dec 29, 2021
Quickly sharing my end of the year list as well before the year... well.... ends. Here it is:
Don't feel pressured to look through it:). But if you do, feel free to tell me something you fully agreed with and something that you heavily disagreed with. I would love to hear some feedback, and I will make sure to re-listen to the albums were my ratings/reviews received backlash. Have an amazing end of the year! :D
Dec 28, 2021
I might actually have to choose TYRON by slowthai for my hip hop album of the year (have reviewed it but just never released the review lol) but yeah, Dave's album is only a one time, outstanding listen but has like zero replay value while the Lil Baby/Lil Durk album has a high replay value but can be a bit forgettable at times! :)
Dec 28, 2021
I'll add 'Voodoo' by d'angelo to my suggestion list, thank you for the suggestion! :)
Dec 27, 2021
i like future too! I wouldn't say he's more talented than drake but I've found myself enjoying more future projects than drake's. I see the profile picture part, don't worry about it then. It's just that people here tend to stereotype accounts without profile pictures as bots and stuff

i haven't heard that project but it's on my backlog, thanks for the reminder!
Dec 23, 2021
Yeah, I thought my love for Kanye’s stuff would wear out with time but it really hasn’t. When I only liked pop music, Kanye and future kinda got me into hip hop a little so I’m always grateful to that!

Thanks for all your kind words! You have a cool page too, you might want to get a profile picture to go with it if you’d like to. I don’t really mind my follower count as it is, it’s really high already, but 1k would be amazing
Nov 1, 2021
Thanks haha
Oct 31, 2021
Makes sense. Would be awesome if Kendrick dropped but not too likely I assume.
Oct 31, 2021
Sounds good! And it's a solid system for reviewing mainly a specific genre. Probably wouldn't work as well for all music as for December there would be 100+ albums to go through :D.
Oct 30, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Btw, great reviews! From 2021 hip-hop albums, feel free to give HARAM by Armand Hammer & The Alchemist a go if you haven't yet. It's great!

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