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Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
It’s kinda crazy that this album of all albums is the biggest surprise I ever encountered while listening to music. And it’s an even bigger surprise that it comes from a musician who at this point has been releasing music for 42 years. Before I go into the album itself, I want to talk about Paul’s career in general, because it’s quite interesting in my opinion, plus I think it will nicely segway into the album’s content itself. So, let’s get started, shall ... read more

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Masta Artisan - Rapper's Liebe
Masta Artisan is the alias of youtuber Rap Critic, a dude that I have been following since like 2014 and though I don't check every video of his out anymore, I still occasionally watch one or two of them from time to time. I always knew that he made music since he sometimes teased him in his intros, but I never really cared enough to actually checked them out. Well, I was kinda right and kinda wrong to not do that.

So, I think I have my new favorite worst artist ever. This album is awful, but ... read more

Death - The Sound of Perseverance
Death is cool. The band that is, of course. I'm not a huge metalhead. I dabbled a bit, mostly because of my father, but that's just mediocre at best Hungarian metal that is not even worth talking about. And the metal I've heard so far is fairly basic from what I've seen and that includes Death as well. Regardless, they make enjoyable music for the most part especially with what they managed to do with Symbolic and Human. This album is also a good one, but it's nowhere near the heights of those ... read more
Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist - Voir Dire
A bit more consistency this time around compared to Sick! It's probably because of The Alchemists top notch production, but Earl is pretty decent too. It's not like either of them is doing anything outside of their comfort zone, but I don't think that that was really necessary for me to enjoy this. Al is just a god at vocal sampling and I love when a producer can chop those vocals up nice and he does that excellently. It's a relaxing experience for me despite the not-so-calm lyrics. Maybe it's ... read more
椎名林檎 [Sheena Ringo] - 加爾基 精液 栗ノ花 [Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana]
I started to write an elaborate review about this album a while ago, but honestly, fuck writing a review. I don't feel like writing anything for a while. I don't know why that is, but eh, it is what it is. I will probably write some stuff down the line if anything interests me, but I can't and I don't want to write regularly. Maybe like one or two a month. Yeah, that sounds fine. Might get inspired by something, I can't see the future. Also, it's my birthday, yay!!!

This album was an RYM ... read more

Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY.
Ah, pop punk. Not a genre I particularly enjoy. It's usually fairly juvenile, which is not a bad thing necessarily, but it's so over the top and the production is so overblown that I just aviod the genre altogether most of the time. There are a few exceptions, of course, but not enough to win me over. Luckily for me, I have been recommended this album a while back and I'm happy to say that I can add one more album to the "pop punk I can enjoy" category. God bless!

First of all, ... read more


I think it's always worth another listen every once-in-a-while. It also goes by so quick for an hour. Also, it brings me joy to see you're doing alright, and I know it'll be quite a joy for when your bf returns >w<
I'm doing alright at the moment. I'm currently just giving Geogaddi another listen in a long time while chilling in class. Hope you're doing well :)
Deadline 9/29.
Hey. I'm making my first community list to celebrate my achievement of 100 followers. I was wondering what your 3 most underrated albums of all time and 3 most overrated albums of all time.

I have 53 (could change) AOTY users in this list. I also ask that you please give 1 album or artist recommendation. I will shout you when then the list is complete.
I feel you. I've been so exhausted this whole week because I spend most of my day on my school laptop doing schoolwork, and classes. I'm doing alright though :) I hope you're doing ok as well. Once you're finish with the school shit, just relax.
Hey there, Lonelyhiphopfan! I am almost at 100 reviews and I thought to myself, what would I review for my 100 review. What do you think? And it doesn't just have to be rock or metal. It can be anything. I will also be doing a community list on the most requested albums. Thank you!
Hey LonelyHipHopfan, would you like to participate in my first community list? The topic of it is who is the most overrated artist in your opinion? Max 1 person.
literally so real oh my word...
oh my orange juice its cat i love cat cats cat yeah


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