May 19, 2023
Yeah, I'm a KAYTRANADA and Aminé dickrider 😔

This is the perfect album for May and the summer, I swear to God! I knew I would like this the minute it was announced and I basically got what I wanted. KAYTRANADA is one of my favorite producers who can blend so many genres that you can barely pinpoint what he's gonna do next and Aminé has the kind of flow I like and he uses that on every song here pretty much. This album just makes me happy. That's a good sign, there's not many that can effectively do that. I just want to go to the beach and enjoy. What I'm trying to say is that this album made me like the summer, the only season I genuinely despise. Good job!

Now, obviously this album is not without flaws. I think KAYTRANADA is definitely the main reason I enjoy the project and while I don't have a problem with Aminé's contribution, he's definitely the weaker part. I enjoy his flows, but he was better on previous projects and I know that he could've done better here. Also, Amaarae feature almost ruins that whole song for me. It's still a song I can enjoy, but that feature is not it.

Overall, this is a great summertime project that gets me in the mood for going on a holiday at the beach. It's fun, it's relaxing and most importantly, it has a high replay value. This will be one of my most played albums of the summer, that's for sure.

Track Ratings
1Who He Iz / 70
2letstalkaboutit / 80
34EVA / 100
4Westside / 80
5Master P / 80
6Rebuke / 80
7Sossaup / 60
8STFU3 / 80
9Ugh Ugh / 80
10Eye / 90
11K&A / 100
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