LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

Okay, I didn't know what to expect when I decided to listen to the LCD Soundsystem discog. I've heard the name, but I have never even caught a second of the music itself. Well, this debut album is really solid, albeit a little inconsistent and bloated. I like the project's grooviness and charming quirkiness, it's unique vocal style and humor and most of all, I love the fact that it's just a super fun experience. I gave three tracks a 10, but Jesus ... read more

파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic
This is my first time listening to Parannoul and I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect much (even though everyone praises him all the time), but I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Obviously, I didn't understand the lyrics, so this rating is solely based on the vocals and the production. The main highlight is the drumming which is easily the most intriguing part of the LP. It sounds so satisfying and it has a surprisingly large amount of variety as far as the patterns go. The vocals can be ... read more
Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors
So, I have to say, I'm pretty biased against Ava Max, because she's overplayed as hell in Hungary, so take everything I write with a pinch of salt. I think this is alright for the most part. Even the worst tracks are just below average filler and there are some decent bops on here. Unfortunately, I will probably never return to this, not that that matters that much, because I'll probably hear it on the radio anyway.

Million Dollar Baby 6/10
Sleepwalker 7/10
Maybe You’re The Problem ... read more

Sam Smith - Gloria
I honestly thought I don't mind Sam Smith that much, but this album is ass, I'm sorry. They have a great voice, a voice that I quite like most of the time, but the production is the least interesting stuff I've heard in a while. Unholy is the only track that does something unique and even that's not enough to make this album worth it. Other than that, this is super forgettable with no redeeming qualities.

Love Me More 4/10
No God 4/10
Hurting Interlude 2/10
Lose You 2/10
Perfect 3/10
Unholy ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
Let's Start Here. = IGOR

Umm, excuse me? How the hell did this happen? If you told me yesterday I would not only like, but love a Lil Yachty album, I would have laughed in your face. Well, here we are anyway. Obviously, the production is not anything I would expect from Yachty, but it's innovative, it's something new and it's sounds good. The vocals are not conventionally good per se, but they fit perfectly with the instrumentals and, once again, they sound great in that context. The features ... read more

Mac DeMarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs
Nice background music. That's about it. It's a very safe project, but it's also a great sounding one, though it's nothing special either. I will probably forget about it by the start of February, but It's a pleasant listen until then.

Gualala 9/10
Gualala 2 9/10
Crescent City 8/10
Portland 8/10
Portland 2 7/10
Victoria 7/10
Vancouver 5/10
Vancouver 2 6/10
Vancouver 3 7/10
Edmonton 7/10
Edmonton 2 7/10
Chicago 6/10
Chicago 2 7/10
Rockaway 8/10

Overall: 7.2/10

Best Track: Gualala 2
Worst ... read more

Lukas Graham - 4 (The Pink Album)
It's Lukas Graham, what did I expect? The most unoriginal band ever blesses us once more with an album that might be worse than anything they ever done. Now, that's saying something. Besides Home Movies, this is terrible. And Home Movies is already mediocre! I don't ever understood the vocals on these albums, but this is actually fucking ridiculous. I don't know who approved this, but shame on them.

Stay Above 1/10
Wish You Were Here 2/10
This Is Me Letting You Go 2/10
Share That Love ... read more

MALNEEZY & Souza - Play It Like You Stole It
Yeah, this is the shit! The beat is great and your flow is crazy, this is probably my favorite track of yours. Nice job, man, keep up the good work!
The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery
So, this is the first genuinely great album this year. Sure, the Sematary project is excellent, but there's more ironic enjoyment there, while this is a serious, cohesive and downright beautiful LP. James McGovern's voice is not a voice we usually call great, but it fits perfectly with the production and the atmosphere they are creating here. As I previously mentioned, it's a cohesive project and while it maintains a specific sound throughout the album, it still provides you with great variety. ... read more
Måneskin - RUSH!
Måneskin is super overplayed here in Hungary, so I'm probably biased against them, but this is pretty bad. Sure, there are some serviceable songs here and there, but a huge majority of the them are obnoxious, cliché rock tracks, that I just don't care about. It's also way too long and while I expect that from mainstream albums, it just means that I have to listen to even more filler tracks than I normally would. No reedeming qualities, no replayability, nothing.

OWN MY MIND ... read more

Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
It started off well and then everything went to shit. I don't think there's a single musician that can make a 25 track album that I will thoroughly enjoy. The beats are alright, but Trippie is the least interesting rapper ever and the features are underwhelming as hell. That's especially true for Lil Baby whose feature on FULLY LOADED is laughable, probably the worst feature by a mainstream star in a long time. If this was cut in half, it would be bearable, but it's bloated as fuck in this ... read more
Ice Spice - Like..?
This is the goofiest shit of all time, from the lyrics to her flow. And don't get me started on the beats! They are actually fucking unreal and not in the "they are so good that I don't even get how a human being could think of them" way, but in the "holy shit, someone thought that it's okay to not just make, but release a project with beats that sounds like a GTA parody" way. At least it's hilariously bad, so that's something, I suppose.

In Ha Mood 2/10
Princess Diana ... read more

Gaz Coombes - Turn The Car Around
This is album is a confusing one. I like it, even though it's one-note as hell, which is mostly because of the production that can get repetitive by the end. The project is literally carried by the vocals that are just phenomenal. The songwriting is alright, there are some nice hooks here and there, but without the vocals, this would be pretty average.

Overnight Trains 6/10
Don’t Say It’s Over 8/10
Feel Loop (Lizard Dream) 7/10
Long Live The Strange 8/10
Not The Only Things ... read more

Belle and Sebastian - Late Developers
Well, this album is pretty unremarkable. It's super repetitive with a few decent tracks sprinkled in. The sound reminds of the generic indie bands that we have here in Hungary and that's definitely not a good thing. The lyrics are adorable, I have to give them that. I also have to mention that I've never heard about this band, but they are apparently critically acclaimed with multiple great albums? Well, they either fell off really hard or their sound is just not for me.

Juliet Naked 7/10
Give ... read more

Rozi Plain - Prize
Not a particularly unique album, but a really enjoyable one. I was kinda worried, because the first four songs are super derivative of the singer-songwriter sound and vibe, but the second half is pretty diverse. That's especially true for the production with its addition of synths and interesting string arrangements. Now, the lyrics are unremarkable and the vocals are servicable at best, so it's definitely the production that's winning me over in the last few songs. It's alright, but it's ... read more
Jay-Z - 4:44

Jay's latest album is easily his most personal, laid-back and self-reflective project he's ever made. He solidifies his position as one of hip hop's elder statesmen. He's vulnerable and apologetic, not something I've ever heard Jay rap about. No I.D. killed the production and it finally provides the cohesiveness and consistency that Jay's weaker LP's lacked. If this is his last album (which is a possibility at this point), it's a damn good way to finish your ... read more

Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jay-Z and inconsistency. Name a better duo in hip hop, I'll wait. These two go hand in hand, one would not exist without the other. So, you shouldn't be surprised that this album is super inconsistent. It barely feels like a Jay project. It sounds fake as hell, Jay's flow is R.Kelly collaboration levels of ass and the lyrics are pretty mediocre. Hey, at least the features are really good and there are some great beats here. That's about it. It's not as bad as ... read more

Margo Price - Strays
Decent. The production is absolutely gorgeous and she has a great voice, but some songs are either so short that it basically ends before it starts or it's way too long and it drags on into mediocrity. Still, I like the fact that she combined pop and rock elements with the country sound and bonus points for sounding quite sincere while doing it. Nice job!

Been To The Mountain 8/10
Light Me Up 8/10
Radio 6/10
Change Of Heart 9/10
County Road 9/10
Time Machine 6/10
Hell In The Heartland ... read more

Kanye West & Jay-Z - Watch the Throne

So, I really like this album, but I truly believe this could have been even better if not for some weaker filler tracks. Like almost every other project Jay is associated with, it's inconsistent as hell, both in quality and themes. Luckily, when this album is good, it's great and when it's bad, it's just forgettable. Thus, this is good, but slightly disappionting.

No Church in the Wild 10/10
Lift Off 5/10
****** in Paris 10/10
Otis 10/10
Gotta Have It 7/10
New ... read more

I think I have officially lost my mind. I really like this album. It's super fun. It's unironically entertaining, even though it sounds like it was made on a microwave. I probably just lost any shred of credibility I've ever had, if I had any to begin with. Oh well, it is what it is.

Haunted Mound Reapers 9/10
Babayaga 8/10
In Tha Field Where I Found U 8/10
Suffer 10/10
Hallowed Be My Wrist 9/10
Hate and Gasoline 7/10
Smokin Out Da Grave 7/10
We Don't Dial 911 9/10
Angelmakers 10/10
Burn a Cop ... read more

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On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
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On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
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On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
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On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"@renkarenking Right? Lil Yachty wasn't the person I expected a genuine early AOTY contender from. I'm glad he delivered though."
On Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"@dafty I tried comparing them on the fact that both of these projects are the most left field and experimental in their discog, but even if we talk about the music itself, it's not that far off for me. I still like IGOR more though."
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"@TJpotvin I was surprised too, but after listening to it, I totally get the hype. It's easily his most ambitious project and it's something fresh that has barely been done before. On top of that, it sounds great."
On Ice Spice - Like..?
"@SusAmog Fair enough lol"
On Ice Spice - Like..?
"@SusAmog It wasn't that great to me to begin with, but the mixing makes it unlistenable."
On Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
"@TOXICANDREWCZ Yeah, that's fair. Come to think of it, I also like Biggie's and Wu-Tang's double album, so maybe I underestimate the amount of long LP's that I enjoy. Still though, all three of those projects, including All Eyez On Me, have filler that should have been cut. That's pretty much unavoidable with double albums."
On Chef Mike's review of Radiohead - Kid A
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