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Lorts986 -
Finally, i've listened to ROADRUNNER, the most awaited BROCKHAMPTON album that made some concern for the people that didn't like their last album, GINGER.

And if you didn't notice already, this is a giga big fat review. If you don't wanna lose your mind reading this, see my TL,DR right down here, and please like the review, just like it, it's free.

TL, DR: Brockhampton's Roadrunner is for me, not one of the best albums ever, but an album that changed my way to treat music, and overall made ... read more

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Lorts986 -
Vegyn, most known for his work of producing critically-aclaimed albums as Blonde and Endless, by Frank Ocean; after his mixtape "Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God!" is back with his newest LP "Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds" a smooth glitch-hop album (it feels like some instrumentals were cut of a JPEGMAFIA record, and by the way, JPEGMAFIA is on here) that bringed up my attention.

The instrumentals are all on point, relaxing as never. As stated by its genre, it feels ... read more
Lorts986 -
Light 5 - On the nail's end, with some obvious flaws.

The guys from Dinosaur Jr. are back with "Sweep It Into Space", after 5 whole years. I never were a fan of Rock and even Alternative Rock, and as i never heard about them, it was a decent first impression.

The vocals on here are sweet as never but can sometimes be boring; the guitar melodies are good, and on its chorus it gets more and more interesting. For me, it feels sometimes bland and generic, and that's why my score could ... read more
Lorts986 -
NR - Didn't formed an opinion...

Alan Vega's Mutator is the first part of his unreleased songs collection that Sacred Bones is releasing. I never, ever heard of Alan Vega, or even Suicide (the band), i just thought it was interesting to see what were up with this album, as some user scores are just low as fu.. So, i decided to listen to it; It's a very interesting album, with some terrifying instrumentals and some lazy and intriguing vocals from part of Alan Vega. In contrast, some songs that ... read more
Lorts986 -
Light 6 - Average

Looks like Cordae is finishing the work of his next album. There are four songs on the EP and (maybe) i'm hyping the album up. I don't know, we'll see. I personally disliked the chorus in More Life, i think Q-Tip's voice doesn't fit with the vibe on the song, i think that it weakens the track a lot too. Dream in Color is an OK track, with a acceptable chorus this time, and enjoyable instrumentals. Wassup is another average track, with a very lifeless chorus, and the Young ... read more
Lorts986 -
Decent 9 - It's WONDERFUL! 🌠

TL,DR: Porter Robinson's Nurture is one of the most hyped albums up to date. And all i can say is, it wasn't what i was expecting; it's a LOT better! It's weirldy smooth with some great to ear melodies, and overall great vocals too! If you're looking to an album of the genre it's a must listen.

Lifelike was a simply magnificent introduction to the album! It sounds like a song taken from the soundtrack of a Nintendo game, it feels very good to my ears and it ... read more


Apr 27, 2021
no stress at all! glad you found your old account! :DD
Apr 26, 2021
Thank you for participating in my list! Here's the link:
Apr 26, 2021
omg thank you so much 😭
Apr 24, 2021
hey lorts!
First impressions are key when it comes to albums. A good opener can really open your eyes and let the listener know what is in store for them, a bad opener, on the other hand, can put a bad taste in the listener's mouth and ruin the experience for them.

Which brings me to my question for my list: What is your favorite album opener of all time and why? (only choose one, and please give the artist, album, and song name)
Apr 23, 2021
Thank you !


85+ albums will be saved on my library 💽

my totally original and official rating system (personal)

4.9 - 0.0 = Not approved, listen if you're fearless
5.0 - 5.9 = Bruh
6.0 - 6.9 = enjoyable but not good enough
7.0 - 7.9 = It's straight GOOD.
8.0 - 8.9 = Loving it
9.0 - 9.5 = This is good shit
9.5 - 9.9 = Ok baby i want more of that


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