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Portishead - Dummy
For my 500th review, I thought I'd review another classic album from the 90s and one that played a really important role in introducing me to new genres and forging my taste in music.

Although Massive Attack's excellent 1990 debut album 'Blue Lines' is retrospectively regarded as the first trip-hop album, it was Bristol band Portishead's debut 'Dummy' in 1994 (alongside Tricky's 'Maxinquaye' in 1995) that really kickstarted the genre and popularised the term 'trip-hop'. Portishead's influence ... read more

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Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
Lil Yachty heads in a new ambitious psychedelic rock direction on his best project yet and one that still has room to grow on me. While his vocal performances aren't always the strongest, I like how Yachty is able to use his warbling voice like an instrument to add to the mix. Fousheé and Diana Gordon's guest vocals throughout are also gorgeous (especially the latter's almost Eddie Vedder-esque vocalisations on the blockbuster intro track).

Favourite Tracks: The Black Seminole*, The ... read more

Gloss Up - Before The Gloss Up
Engaging flows and the occasional memorable one-liner can't make up for generally lacklustre lyrics, mediocre singing and generic production. There's plenty of potential here though and her chemistry with GloRilla is fun on lead-single 'Bestfrenn'. Hopefully that and the closer can act as a blueprint for her future output.

Favourite Tracks: Bestfrenn, Point To Prove*

John Cale - Mercy
While I'm not familiar with any of John Cale's previous work outside of The Velvet Underground, I'm astounded that he's 80 and still pushing boundaries in art pop and working with newer artists. I particularly love the sprawling nature and haunting tone of this record. That being said, some of these tracks don't justify their length despite having some cool ideas (see 'Marilyn Monroe's Legs (Beauty Elsewhere)' and 'The Legal Status Of Ice').

Favourite Tracks: Mercy, Noise Of You, Story Of ... read more

Boldy James & RichGains - Indiana Jones
Since I can't listen to Boldy's recent physical-only EP with Real Bad Man, this is a welcome surprise drop from him despite his recent car crash. It's cool that he's once again sharing his spotlight with lesser-known producers and rappers but this one felt like it could've done with more quality control and a tighter track list.

Favourite Tracks: Saints And Sinners, Wrong Side Of Town, Electric Blue, Frozen, 8 Days*, Tell It All

Ryuichi Sakamoto - 12
44 years since his acclaimed debut 'Thousand Knives Of', Sakamoto is still making quality music this time in the form of sparse, ambient piano pieces recorded over the space of about a year. Given the context of the album though, with Sakamoto's experience of "living alongside cancer" after his second diagnosis, I wish I felt a connection to more than just a few of these tracks, considering how much emotion was obviously put into them.

Favourite Tracks: 20220207, 20220302 - ... read more


Yeah, I’m actually gonna go see em in Vienna in July. Can’t fucking wait
Hey Louis13! I want to do a type of monthy recap for 2023, so I've put together a list of the defining releases of January, and will continue to do so every month. Enjoy!
id recommend mole by poolblood <3, and im super excited to listen to the album you recommended since i saw matthew tomasi was involved in it as well as preachers daughter
Thanks man, i’ve been meaning to get back. I’m thinking about starting with that new Boldy record, then moving onto Idles’ discography. I think imma let Björk sit with me for a while
what are your favs?
Pagan Poetry and Unison are imo both perfect tracks. I can't even think of another album rn that I could say has 2 songs I'd consider perfect. Besides that they're all great, but the opening three tracks especially "It's not up to you" are worth pointing out.
I’ve been good, what ab you? Also i’ve been listening to a lot of Björk lately, goddamn she’s slowly becoming a favourite of mine. Vespertine in particular is an album i keep on replaying. She was always in your favs, when we talked about fav albums and songs. So i gotta thank you, for influencing me to finally give her a go.
Nah man i’ve been fucking up hahah. I really liked the solo stuff i’ve heard from him and of course the experimental influence he had on the first two VU albums. But i just haven’t dug into his discography like that yet.
That pfp goes hard


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