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Louis13 -
Thank you for 50 followers!!! I'm glad I joined AOTY last year and I'm thankful for the welcoming community here. Here's a review of one of my favourite albums of all time.

When Björk released 'Homogenic' in 1997, many people thought she had released her magnum opus. But it's her 2001 follow-up 'Vespertine' that sees Björk at her peak for me. Inspired by her relationship with ex-partner Matthew Barney, this album sees Björk exploring sexual intimacy (most explicitly in the music ... read more

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Louis13 -
A bit late to the party on this one. This is a classy boom-bap project with impressive vocal features particularly from Malaya, nu-jazz flavoured production from Tall Black Guy and conscious raps from Ozay Moore. The delivery is equally reminiscent of Kendrick and Tribe. I particularly like the last 3 tracks with the track 'Runnin Away' either sampling, or using the same sample as J Dilla did on, The Pharcyde's 'Runnin'.

Favourite Tracks: Stick Em, Viberite, Har Hanz, MUD, NUPWR, Runnin Away*, ... read more
Louis13 -
A well-executed piano-heavy jazz record that will probably lend itself more repeat listens but, apart from a few glimpsing moments of greatness, doesn't really do much to stand out to me. From the moody piano to the charming saxophone to the fusion-influenced sections, I've got a feeling I should enjoy this more than I actually do.

Favourite Tracks: Running Down The Park*, Calystegia, Push, Tide, Huntress
Louis13 -
The excellent debut from singer-songwriter Jana Horn is a melancholic, minimalistic indie-folk experience. Having enjoyed all the singles, I still didn't expect to like the album as much as I did. It doesn't reinvent the wheel but it executes its sound so well. Delicate acoustic guitar (sometimes with simple drums, bass and horns) is all Jana Horn needs to let her beautiful vocal melodies and poetic lyrics shine through. 'Jordan' might be SOTY so far.

Favourite Tracks: Friends Again, Time ... read more
Louis13 -
Finally, British culture. I still can't believe they got THE Frank Gallagher on vocals for the whole album. Seriously, the lyrics and vocal delivery sounds exactly like the drunken, but surprisingly insightful, political commentary of the local council estate smackhead mixed with your dodgy uncle, whose just got up for the karaoke after his sixth or seventh pint. What could be more punk than that? Granted, the instrumentals are bland and critics are overrating the hell out of this.

Favourite ... read more
Louis13 -
A bit of a return to form for Aurora. While she never really fell off, her last two projects paled in comparison to her breakout debut imo. The slightly generic electro-pop instrumentals remain here but with a much more exotic flavour. Her vocal performances are also mesmerising. The pre-released singles are still catchy (especially 'Cure For Me', 'Heathens' & 'A Dangerous Thing') and there are some deep cut gems here ('Exist For Love', 'The Innocent', 'Blood In The Wine').

Favourite ... read more


Jan 21, 2022
Yup, just giving positive scores. And be sure to watch out for those screenshotters, they're just jealous they can't have art as good as ours.
Jan 21, 2022
Yes, but I am LISCENSED
Jan 20, 2022
No problem! You have a pretty cool rating philosophy that I use to rate singles now. As for the pfp, I do, and don't even think about taking a screenshot of it. I'll have you know the blockchain doesn't lie. I own it. Even if you save it, it's my property.
Jan 18, 2022
Jan 17, 2022
Thanks for the suggestion, the dude's a cool producer. While I'm not crazy about the raps, it's cool to see Griselda-style hip hop coming from San Diego. Here's the review:
Jan 16, 2022
Thanks for the recc, icy broccoli man. I will listen and get back to you.
Jan 16, 2022
Thanks for the follow dude, goddamn that pfp is GOAT lmao
Jan 16, 2022
ccccan i screenshot???
Jan 14, 2022
Hahahhaha I’ll probably do it tomorrow, still gotta give it some more listens.


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