Rita Ora - You Only Love Me
released as the lead single for her 3rd studio album, "You only love me" is a good pop/dance song, and it sure would sound a lot more interesting if it didn't sound like her last releases, Rita now seems to be stuck in the same sound of "phoenix" and we don't see the artist changing the direction of her work...now we can only wait for RO3
Chlöe - Pray It Away
chloe's lead single is truly angelic, her honesty and vulnerability come together in a sacred way with religious aesthetics, the production has created a true R&B perfection and doesn't fail to get you excited for her debut album
distancing herself from the angry sound of her last album, Rosalía comes back more pop in her new single signed by max martin "LLYLM" the song is very beautiful and really pleases in a genuine way, even in a more commercial release Rosalía still sounds like herself and creates a true pop perfection
Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors
In her new album, Ava max reveals herself as a predictable pop star and sounds exactly as you've heard before, nothing new

after the success of the single "Sweet but psycho" the singer got the attention of many and turned the public's attention to her next releases, followed by the release of a very lukewarm debut album and some partnerships, then we get to "Diamonds & Dancefloors", a shallow and obvious record, the songs sound like anything she's ever released and ... read more

Miley Cyrus - Breakout
miley cyrus' second album can be considered as a teen classic, marking an entire generation with her pop/rock music

the songs that don't sound so much like Hannah Montana anymore and finally give us space to really get to know Miley

the production here is more consistent and creates an album that sounds nostalgic, you will easily remember avril lavigne in the beginning of her career and even taylor swift in "Fearless" for some moments, the album follows the standard releases of the ... read more

Miley Cyrus - Meet Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' debut album is nothing more and nothing less than the typical songs of her character Hannah Montana...

the pop/rock songs are very basic and make up a dull album

See you again-8/10
East northumberland high-7/10
Let's dance-5/10
G.N.O. - girls night out-6/10
Right here-6/10
As I am-6/10
Start all over-4/10
Good and broken-5/10
I miss you-7/10

Conan Gray - Superache
the second studio album of conan gray is a personal and melancholic record, being remarkable the evolution and maturity of the artist

the songs deal with the experiences of the singer's love, with a very good style of composition, conan can tell his stories very well and involve you in his narrative in an amazing way, this being one of the highlights of the album, the artist is becoming a name of great weight among the new generation of composers that is emerging

the production of the album ... read more

Madonna - Madame X
Madonna's 14th and most recent album is like a touch of hope, taking into consideration the disastrous sequences of the singer's releases, "madame x" is like a resurgence of the Madonna we know before the dreaded era of commercial focus.

taking her inspiration from the roots of portuguese music, Madonna brings this concept as a starting point for the album, her persona with the same title as the LP takes you to the dance floor and makes you distracted by the pleasant production and ... read more

Madonna - Rebel Heart
Listening to Rebel Heart is a frustrating experience.

The basic songs and notoriously designed to sound commercial make up the worst album from Madonna so far, the artist loses her charm and falls into an empty production that completely overshadows her artistic identity, everything here sounds artificial and like a ready-made product of some producer, the album only doesn't become a complete disaster for hitting a few times as in the songs "Living for love" & "Joan of ... read more

Miley Cyrus - Flowers
"Flowers" is a very interesting release, miley puts identity into a disco pop with an 80" rock edge and makes her Lead single a great first introduction to her new album....
Madonna - MDNA
Madonna's 12th studio album is one of her most empty and shallow projects

if the commercial face of its predecessor "Hard candy" didn't please much, the pop/dance with EDM elements of "MDNA" that wouldn't

the album isn't all bad, although most of the time it's pretty basic, we have good songs like "superstar

the biggest problem here is Madonna's lack of identity, I don't believe this is one of her most participative projects, the songs sound like they were delivered ... read more

Urias - FÚRIA
o debut álbum “FÚRIA” da cantora urias, um dos nomes de maior destaque da cena nacional atual, é um verdadeiro grito de ousadia, personalidade e raiva

o álbum é cercado por uma atmosfera escura e densa, algo que te lembre a madrugada, os elementos de trap, os graves, tudo aqui é pensado para funcionar com as letras ríspidas e diretas da artista e criar um verdadeiro espaço de extravaso

a produção é sem ... read more

Madonna - Hard Candy
Hard candy is definitely not a bad album...

After the release of one of her best albums, Madonna follows a more commercial path in pop music

the production of the album creates a very relaxed and lively atmosphere, some elements lead us to believe that Madonna was experimenting new sounds here, even though there is this commercial air in the project, this does not make it obvious or boring

the songs talk to each other well and make the project very cohesive, the lyrics are acceptable, ... read more

Tove Lo - Lady Wood
tove lo's second album "lady wood" is a very interesting and solid presentation of her persona and what we will see in her new works ahead

the electro/pop production well known in her works dominates the album, even if it doesn't sound boring in some moments, it ends up sounding basic and obvious, we have few surprises here, it's the case of the single "true disaster" which is a great pop song and captures with a lot of precision the essence of the artist and her project ... read more

Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor
after risking her career with the release of "american life" madonna makes one of the most iconic comebacks in pop music with the debut of her 10th studio album "confessions on a dance floor

it is impossible to talk about dance music nowadays without mentioning this album by madonna, its influence has become something inevitable in the wave of dance releases that have been happening in the last two years

the production of the album is incredible, we see an atosphere being ... read more

Ariana Grande - Christmas & Chill
A boring set of songs...but it's Christmas🤩

Introduction- -/-
With him this Christmas-5/10
Not just for Christmas-6/10
True love-6/10
Winter things-5/10

Madonna - American Life
in her ninth studio album, madonna created the controversial and polemic 'american life' project that brings direct criticism to the american government and the world confrontations of the time, but ends up getting lost in the middle of meaningless songs and a very weak production.

if there was an intention and a concept to be followed during the creation of the album, it would be very interesting to have followed it to the end, but even if there are tracks that really commit to deliver what ... read more

Since her first steps in the music industry, SZA is pointed as a great promise of R&B, her first album released in 2017 was a real success and is highly acclaimed to this day, 5 years after finally its release, we come to the debut of "SOS" the project that has 23 tracks

The strength of SZA's work is still her honesty, the songs are very well written, she does not spare vulnerability and sensitivity but knows very well how to stand up for herself and vent her anger at the right ... read more

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