Wolves At The Gate - Captors
Jun 11, 2021
It was around 2013-2014 where I started questioning everything I knew, namely the fundamentalist religion I grew up in. Heavy metal was deemed evil and satanic and everything secular completely corrupting. I'm not about to delve into my whole life story here, but Wolves were an important band for me at the time. They were my introduction to the realm of heavy music and I couldn't get enough of them. Even today I applaud them for pulling off the harsh/clean dynamic better than most. It's melodic from all sides, imbedded into their song structure rather than tacked on in a generic chorus. The vocals themselves are likewise refreshing, with Steve's cleans bearing a striking resemblance to Thrice's Dustin Kensrue.

I haven't been in the social loop of Christian metal in such a long time that I don't know what is happening with Wolves these days. I saw a new single and it was entirely forgettable and horrendously cliche. A Christian metal band singing about the ills of society in the vaguest, most unchallenging/confronting way possible? Frontpage news I tell you! But with that said, Captors is honestly no classic and I'd even struggle to call it anything more than average. The production is unintentionally murky and ideas get exhausted after "Slaves" until "Man Of Sorrows" utilizes a hymn-like narrative to close things out.
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