Feb 18, 2019
FAVS: Birdie, Tell Me It's Over, It Was in Me, Souvenir, Bigger Wow, Warrior
LEAST FAV: Dumb Blonde
Feb 13, 2019
As an overall record, it has not worked enough, but if it is detached on the highlight tunes, it is worthy to listen. By the way, it has some dope ambient synth.

FAVS: Token, Inner Monologue, Home Free
LEAST FAV: Cranked
Feb 13, 2019
Magical, gorgeous, magnificent; Quiet Signs is a unique palette of flavors and textures sonically, lyrically and vocally. There are visuals served on the songs, so it can even be more appreciated the body of work. For sure it is a taste of art, but it would have been a little bit longer (just only one) to be an explosion of streamed purity.

FAVS: Opening Night, Fare Thee Well, Here My Love, This Time Around, Crossing, Aeroplane
Feb 12, 2019
The downhill on thank u, next appears since the lead single was released, that song is what the record is indeed as it grabs the design from the very track itself and it is reused on almost all this Grande's work. The recipe is overwhelming and showy, unmemorable and needless to her discography.

FAVS: needy, bloodline, fake smile, ghostin, break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
LEAST FAV: bad idea
Feb 6, 2019
Joyly Dua Lipa still brings that charisma and performance she ever had, because that is what makes the Complete Edition, from her past self-titled debut, a pretty decent work. Instead of lifting on the popular pop song confection, Lipa introduces elements which make a difference over the rest. Nevertheless, there is an incomplexity related to the record atmosphere, sonically it seems this contains a diversity of that, but even this diversity does not appeal and aim so well in every single song ... read more
Feb 6, 2019
Glory Days was the best effort Little Mix put on their music, and needless this reissue pops so insipidly that taste that was given at first place. They included some features on the very previous songs off the original record, which leads to inconsistency and loss of their essence on those tracks what standouts without a need of collab (Touch, Power) altogether the so-so remix on something the girlband was fit in no suitable form. Actually some OK (Oops) tracks off the Glory Days are better ... read more
Feb 6, 2019
FAVS: No One's Sleeping, What Happens to People?, Tarnung, Plains
LEAST FAV: Nocturne
Feb 6, 2019
FAVS: Last Hour Story, Imbalance, Conditional Futures, Crepuscolo
Feb 5, 2019
FAVS: t-shirt, pajamas, the broken hearts club
LEAST FAV: insane
Feb 4, 2019
FAVS: Monster, Human, She
LEAST FAV: Not What I Meant
Feb 4, 2019
FAVS: The Greatest
LEAST FAV: Pocket Knife
Feb 4, 2019
FAVS: Gassed Up!, Make Eem Run!, Rebirth (kinda)
Feb 4, 2019
FAVS: [10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs], VTr, Sunday Day13, Keep It All to Myself, Let/s Get Lost
LEAST FAV: Auge/Maschine
Feb 4, 2019
FAVS: Ohio, Daddi, Self Explained, Isolation, Stupid Fish, Distressor
Feb 3, 2019
This invites to a deep meditation while it gets you to enjoy sounds from other senses.

FAVS: Daybreak, Rime, Swarming at the Threshold, Late Night Healing Choir
LEAST FAV: Ancient Intelligence
Feb 3, 2019
The warm Olympic Girls softens and embellishes the quality of the folk with great pieces of the genre, they are beautiful and capable of numbing the feeling of one towards what Tiny Ruins exposes. The visual synesthesia that produces the chords is the most unforgettable of this project, it is neither arduous nor long to contemplate it, rather it is a gift that serves as a reflection.

FAVS: School of Design, How Much, Sparklers, Kore Waits in the Underworld, One Million Flowers, Stars, False, ... read more
Feb 3, 2019
The issue is not the fusion of their past registers onto the tiny path White Lies goes on, actually it is pretty average and wrapped up by some typicalization belonged.

FAVS: Never Alone, Tokyo, Denial
Feb 3, 2019*
What Chaos Is Imaginary weakens on the superfluous and lazy orchestration so this is not enough to reach that dreamy indie rock. Though the match is aimed at fairly cohesiveness in the whole tracklist through the lyrical content, it is just monotonous, a copy-paste from some gems off other works with different titles.

FAVS: Stale Device, Where You Sink, Chemical Freeze, All Blacked Out, Minute In Your Mind
LEAST FAV: Hoax and the Shrine
Jan 30, 2019
An EP with some of the bestest indie rock tunes yet.

FAVS: King Of The Dudes, The Big One
LEAST FAV: Fear City
Jan 30, 2019
Setting in Weezer's discography, probably better than their own albums in a certain way, regardless of whether it is made-up of covers. However, half the project is not able to rework the original songs.

FAVS: Africa, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Take on Me, No Scrubs
LEAST FAV: Stand by Me
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