Feb 19, 2019
For some representation, Betty Who's new album means a infectious fever of pop smash hits.
Feb 19, 2019
"Blushing" reflects every single note of itself into a persuasive, enchanting and heartwarming performance.
Feb 8, 2019
If Sweetener is her bright face, Thank U Next is totally opposite. But, doesn't mean is a dark album but a new side of her. After years of searching, Thank U Next isn't just a new phase in her career but a representation of an artist in progression. An artist who won't settle down but an artist who will keep searching for new things inside her till she find her self complete.
Jan 31, 2019
It's a haunting but beautiful and shivering, powerful and breathtaking listening experience. Right now, The Twilight Sad's new record is hungry to fight for the title of best album of 2019 already - well, its undeniable it has giant tooths.
Jan 29, 2019
Spreading positive and warmth vibes, "About The Light" comes as a ray of light after a powerful storm.
Jan 27, 2019
Uncountable loops in some chorus, sweet and soft voice, good songwriting and a dreamy atmosphere which makes the sound raw,"Devotion" remains in a totally level of honesty.
Jan 27, 2019*
Dawn Richard joins together infectious but soft beats with lyrics about party,sex, and vanity to create a statement to her own and to the listeners: why can't we make the life a big party most of time?
Jan 26, 2019
Soft melodies and the feeling of floating away make this record a good one.
Jan 26, 2019
It's nothing new, it feels like we heard before somewhere. At least, it's decent.
Jan 25, 2019
This record is fine but sometimes feels so repetitive and the only thing which is outstanding here it's the production.
Jan 24, 2019
Post is Bjork's second album and doesn't sound like is the kind of record which the rising artist need to release to show some new things compared to debut record. She don't need this. Bjork creates a own world inside Post and this isn't a suprise. From now, we already know her power and it's undeniable that Post is a jewel, and one of the best of 90's generation.
Jan 22, 2019
It seems the season of good albums is finally beginning this year. Remind Me Tomorrow is a good example of it. The songwriting's aspect on this record is something unspeakable. It's good, cohesive, expansive in own horizons. The production reaffirms the old and good indie-rock. It's a good package to start the year fine.
Jan 22, 2019
Deerhunter's new album has some beautiful melodic highlights making the record work well. The songwriting is curious and thinkful. In general, a good album which for now remains only in the label of good.
Jan 19, 2019
Madonna still in good form and it's undeniable. But, maybe her creativity is being a bit stagnant. Rebel Heart isn't bad but is lostly ambitious which sadly feels like a mess about everything she done til now and what she's trying to mix about the contemporany label.
Jan 18, 2019
"Assume Form" isn't just mere figurative. Literally, Blake assumes the most breathtaking forms about production, vocals, melodies in his new record to spread the world how many brilliant others forms he has to tell his stories.
Jan 16, 2019
In their most ambitious record, ASTRO redefined totally their own style to create something new and beyond expectation to fans and general public. Everything here feels like a big promise to success.
Jan 15, 2019
Double Negative is a monster. This record expands own universe through rich, solid, efficient, and outstanding production. It's beautiful reflected in own darkness and essence of the sound. It feels like a really experience through one of most ambitious sound of 2018.
Jan 15, 2019*
Salad Days is totally captivate in production. The songwriting is fine and DeMarco's vocal is something good. He couldn't create something perfect at all but, in the end as a whole, the record itself reflects in a satisfactory statement.
Jan 15, 2019
It's undeniable the similarities with Sufjan Stevens. But technically, Tomb is far behind from Stevens's works. But as a whole everything here just feels acceptable. There's highlights - what is good. It's noticeable the nuances about some of his melodies but it's not perfect or outstanding but it's not awful. For now, just average.
Jan 15, 2019*
A Crow Looked At Me is the kind of record that's almost impossible give a second listen. It's painful. So painful but, true and raw. The production is simple but when everything starts to worktogether feels like a thunder. What makes these kind of record outstanding is the focus which we usually don't give to it in our lives. Our world is so problematic and the question is: Did someone really wants to hear about death? The answer is almost totally obvious. But, the real meaning isn't making ... read more
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