Muse - Will of the People
4d ago (updated 4d ago)
From what I've heard (these are generous scores): 80
Will of the People - 74
Compliance - 66
Won't Stand Down - 87
Kill or Be Killed (Live) - 93

I don't think it's gonna be a good album, but It can't be too bad. Right? I haven't listened to Muse's worst albums fully quite yet (Sim Theory, The 2nd Law, Drones), so I don't know have much to go off of for what a bad Muse album is like.

My predictions:
Liberation: It's got a cool name but probably won't be anything too interesting. Probably similar to Compliance lyric-wise. Then again almost all modern muse lyrics are the same xd. 83
Ghosts (How Can I Move On): I think this will be the piano ballad style that was said to be one of the tracks on the album. Hopefully, it's not too cheesy. 85
You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween: Lol, this seems like it will be kinda corny like Will of the People and sort of in that style and will probably trick us into thinking it's a cool spooky metal track and then give us a Halloween themed pop-rock song like WOTP. Lol. 82
Kill or Be Killed: If it's anything as good as the Live version then it will definitely be the best track. Heck, with how mediocre the other songs are, it doesn't even have to be as good. 93
Verona: Cool Name, I actually have no clue, maybe this will be a heavier track like WSD. Hopefully. 86
Euphoria: Sort of the same thing that I said for Verona, but this just seems like it will have more potential than it. 87
We're F*cking F*cked: I heard somewhere that this will be like Muse's lost crazy weird B-Side of their career or something. So that seems cool. I'd be interested. Funny name too. 86.

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