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Lumdogmillionai -
Country: UK

Genre: Indietronica

For fans of: Bicep, Caribou, Elliot Moss

A wonderful blend of the nostalgic and the modern. Cousins Otzeki have created a really memorable piece of work here. This album is distinctly British in sound, there's a massive influence of 90s garage that shines through on many of the tracks, from the vocals on the incredibly catchy Unthunk, to the dance beats of Max Wells-Demon.
The use of sampling throughout the album also helps to convey this nostalgic ... read more

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Lumdogmillionai -
Phoebe Bridgers is looking well
Lumdogmillionai -
Country: USA

Genre: RnB

For fans of: Raveena, Aaliyah, Nivea

An RnB album with plenty of 2000s influences, in everything from the vocal delivery, the instrumentals on tracks like You and even the album cover. It's a refreshing throwback but it certainly isn't overdone. The album's influences are unmistakable but I think Wrice's unique and engaging delivery helps it to stand apart.

This album is firmly rooted in 2021 though, it has all the song structure and sensibilities of a modern pop ... read more
Lumdogmillionai -
Country: USA / Austria

Genre: Funk

For fans of: Tom Misch, RAS, Franc Moody

A very surprising record that works so well because it is so original. Wajatta is a team-up between Reggie Watts, best known for the Late Late Show and Austrian producer John Tejada. The songs are a beautiful blend of funk and techno sounds from the past 40 years, also featuring very funny vocals that sound like they are from the world's most supportive DJ.
Lumdogmillionai -
Country: Unknown, maybe France?

Genre: Trance

For fans of: Four Tet, Channel Tres, Park Hye Jin

One of the most interesting albums of the year, purely for the mystery behind it. Godford is completely anonymous and this is reflected in their music. Using elements of trance and garage as well as melodic vocals to create a sense of warmth and nostalgia for someone who we know nothing about. The objective of this album was to show that music really is a non binary place, where you can gain a ... read more
Lumdogmillionai -
Country: UK

Genre: Deep House

For fans of: Moodyman, Matmos, Athletic Progression

Charles Webster's first album in 19 years, this feels like an old master returning to his craft. A subtle and intricate electronic album, elements of house music are here but they are resigned to the background, whilst eerier, ambient sounds take centre stage. From the vocal samples to the elements of jazz woven in, this record is one of the most meticulous that I've heard this year.


Feb 21, 2021
i love how you layout your reviews
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jan 26, 2021
Hello, I love your album reviews.
My new EP, a very short one has just released. Will be grateful if you listen and review it. I need honest review, it could be harsh but I want to know what people thinks and how can I improve. There's is some Hindi Lyrics (very few) but the 90% of the album is English. Attaching the AOTY and Spotify link. Will be grateful forever if you respond. 🙏🙏


Jan 18, 2021
i love how you add a "for fans of" section. it makes it easier to find some new artist.


Hi I'm Liam I like new music

92-95-100 - Albums of the Year, instant classics, the best stuff, *chefs kiss*.

85-88 - Really great, will be talking about these for years to come.

78-82 - Consistently really nice from front to back, no low points and some high highs.

72-75 - Worth recommending, not everything hits but enough does to leave a positive impression.

62-65-68 - Stuff with good potential or a nice vibe, but not much else.

52-55-58 - Probably not my thing.

0-50 - I don't like it.

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