Comethazine - PANDEMIC
Nov 24, 2020
Comethazine decides that trying is overrated and releases an incredibly rushed project.

I'm going to start going back and reviewing some projects that I either wasn't here for or didn't originally get around to reviewing so I can build up a nice list for 2020. This may extend into early 2021 if I can't get all the albums I want to review in before then.

Anyway, what a garbage project. Comethazine could've at least tried a tiny bit here. He put absolutely no effort into any of the tracks here and as a result came through with a dozen songs that sound half complete. It's like none of the songs here are actually finished songs. This whole thing is just so lifeless and it sucks because energy is the only thing that Comethazine has ever had going for him.

The production on here is god awful. A lot of it is really low quality trap beats with a spacey sound that doesn't even sound good. There are some really weird melodies on some of the instrumentals and it was clear that Comethazine really didn't know how to rap over them. The beat choice was just so bad as it didn't suit Comethazine at all and Comethazine didn't even have a full grasp on how to utilize those instrumentals.

Vocally Comethazine is so deprived of energy and enthusiasm on this project. He's rapping like someone is keeping him awake to record the tracks after a whole day of no sleep. The only thing that's ever intrigued me about Comethazine was his energy and personality and he didn't have any of that here. When you only have one thing going for you, you should really use that one thing properly. Or at least use it.

Lyrically this is Comethazine at his absolute worst. There's all kinds of awful forms of lyricism here. There's stupid potty humor, confusing similes, and all around really basic subject matter. There's not a single halfway impressive line anywhere in this project. While I wasn't expecting a whole lot on the lyrical front (given that I've set my standards for Comethazine pretty low) I at least expected something that I could even call decent.

All in all, there is no value anywhere in this release. It's basic, low quality, repetitive, lazy, and unappealing. There's nothing in here that could be considered a good trait as Comethazine effectively removed his only good quality from this release.
Nov 25, 2020
Maaaan every comethazine album sucks
Nov 25, 2020
@Scre4meh that's very true. It's sad that Comethazine can't utilize his standout qualities to make some good music.
Nov 25, 2020
@LyricalMiracleS it's not that he can't,he is simply too lazy to do it
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