Run the Jewels - ooh la la (feat. Santa Fe Klan) (Mexican Institute of Sound Remix)
Jan 31, 2021
Through the beginning of the track, I thought it was good, but not great. The mixing in the beginning really could've been better as some of the louder bass patterns really covered up El-P and Killer Mike's vocals and bars a few times which really didn't make a good sound. However, as the track went on that quickly got fixed, and after that trumpet kicked in I thought the track was amazing. The production on here was pretty great regardless of the rough start it brought. The trumpet inclusion on here is incredible and really made a large turning point in the quality of the instrumental when it kicked in. It really capped off that fun fiesta sound that this track was going for and it sounded great. Outside of the trumpet, the rest of the instrumental was pretty solid too. The subtle maracas in the background of the track really kept the pace going in a very nice way and it paired up with the speed of El-P and Killer Mike very well. It was also a key factor of the instrumental that really pushed the celebratory style that this track was going for and made the whole song really fun to listen to. The other rhythms that were present through this instrumental were also pretty well though out as they were very interesting and well-crafted. The instrumental as a whole was executed pretty well and really latches you onto the production. Vocally everyone present sounded really aggressive and lively with their vocals and it was pretty impressive. El-P and Killer Mike continued to display their incredibly intense vocals on this track which is something that you really can't go wrong with. Their voices are a key part to their near flawless execution of their incredibly unique style that makes them so legendary as a group. Outside of their vocals, I was also fairly entertained with what I heard from the performances of Sante Fe Klan. They brought some very vibrant vocals that also did a great job of matching the intensity of El-P and Killer Mike. They were definitely a solid feature on this track and their vocals were a key reason why. The vocals were really solid all around. Lyrically El-P and Killer Mike continued to display their raw talent that they've refined very well. It's always apparent with Run the Jewels that you're listening to two artists who've really mastered their craft and that's mainly due to their lyrics. El-P brought tons of really solid bars and some pretty impressive flows too. While El-P doesn't put the messaging through his lyrics like Killer Mike does, he still consistently brings in solid lyrical performances that really showcase his skillset. Killer Mike also had a very impressive lyrical performance with some strong messaging and a lot of really impressive bars. He also brought some really strong flows that really elevated his performance altogether. While I couldn't understand anything from Santa Fe Klan, I can only assume that they held their weight lyrically as most features on Run the Jewels tracks do. All in all, this was a great track. It was a remix that I never would've expected, but I'm glad it was released as it was a fun listen.
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