Mario Judah - I Cannot Love You
Jan 28, 2021
There's a lot of controversy circulating about Mario Judah right now, and let me just say that in terms of my views on his music I don't care. I'll never let any sort of controversy affect the rating that I give pieces of music. I didn't change my DAYSTAR opinion because of it and the same applies here. I genuinely think this is a bad track. Now that I got that out of the way, the production on here might be the worst Mario's used, at least from what I've heard from him. The melody is pretty uninteresting and doesn't really add anything valuable or entertaining to the track at all. The rhythms (especially the 808s) are identical to what he's used on pretty much all of his songs. It seems like he's only capable of finding or creating one rhythm for all of his releases. The production is just bad all around. This track as a whole is incredibly devoid of anything, and the production is a big factor of that. Vocally Mario was alright with the main issue being that his voice just feels old already. His overly theatrical and really personality filled vocals sound great on paper, but they translate into something that's really only suitable for incredibly short term trends. I do think that the lack of pitch changes is what really made this feeling stand out, but either way I think everyone's just losing interest in Mario Judah's style. Mario's voice on the chorus is almost grating as he just shouts the same line over and over and over with no vocal changes. It really just ends up sucking the life straight out of you. Lyrically Mario put no personality at all into anything he says here. At least on tracks like Die Very Rough he really focuses on incorporating his lyrics into his general persona. He acts like a scary and creepy figure on that track and his lyrics back it up. On this track, however, he doesn't do that. He just rants about heartbreak in an incredibly repetitive and boring way. There's also nothing impressive about his flows. They all seemed to be pretty basic and got tedious after time which shouldn't happen on a track this short. This is definitely the start of Judah's rapid decline that will eventually lead to him completely fading away. All in all, this is a bad track. It's repetitive, lazy, boring, and not even produced well. Mario needs something big to come back from this, as I'm starting to lose hope.
Jan 28, 2021
Great review! :)
Jan 28, 2021
@Cry thank you!
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