Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin - Blame
Feb 18, 2021 (updated Feb 18, 2021)
Some hip hop duos are simply incapable of flopping when they get together. Siifu and Anakin are one of those duos. They've really mastered their combined sound and whenever they get together they truly bring out the best in each other. This track is no different as the more lo-fi and somewhat relaxed heavenly sound that can be heard on here sounds amazing and really stands out from anything else I've heard so far this year. The production on this track is incredible. The very light-toned yet high-pitched vocal chords that accompany the rest of the instrumental sound stunning and the vocal pattern that's used alongside it really makes the background noise stand out. The heavenly and kind of spiritual vocals really guide Anakin and Siifu through their performances as they all bounce off of each other in a really smooth and refined way. Outside of the vocal riffs in the background, the heavy bass that occasionally punches in really helps to give the track a very deep and mellow feel on top of everything else that Anakin really exaggerates with his gloomier and darker voice through the first half of the track. The slow yet powerful pattern the bass and drums bring really elevate the track and it definitely ties everything together incredibly well. The synth melodies also sound amazing and the constant fluctuations made in the pitch of the synth really contribute to the unique vibe and feel of the track quite a bit. The production is really just incredible all around. Black Noi$e continued to display his immense levels of skill through the instrumental on here as it's really impressive and makes for one of the better beats I've heard so far this year. Vocally Anakin was also incredible on here as he makes some very well executed transitions from a darker and more emotionally deep sound in the first half of the track to a grittier and more theatrical sound and style in the second half. I've never really pictured Anakin as an artist who had this much vocal versatility to him, but he definitely proved that he's as versatile as can be on here because the two different styles he takes are very separate from each other. In the opening half of the track he takes a more serious approach with not just his voice but his lyrics too. Due to this he uses a lower and gloomier voice to really put emphasis on the realism and seriousness that he's trying to present. When the transition occurs, Siifu sounds like he has been hit with a sudden burst of energy and aggression. He builds up a more hardcore and gritty sound that he carries with him to the end of the track and he continues to sound amazing while doing so. The vocals on here are really spectacular all around as Anakin had one of the better vocal performances I've ever heard from him and Siifu brought some very welcome energy to his verse too. Lyrically Anakin was as consistent as ever on here and continued to impress even further on this track. Tons of great bars that push heavy emotions and strong messages alongside some really unique and well-crafted flows that keep a great pace. Anakin has proven time and time again to be one of the better underground rappers out there and he keeps that showing on here too. He possesses every technical aspect of rapping in the book and he displays nearly all of what he's capable of with his appearance on here. All in all, this is a really great track. Siifu and Anakin will always be a great duo and I'm always impressed with what they put out. I highly recommend this single without a doubt.
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