Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem - family ties
Aug 27, 2021
Kendrick Lamar has made his return and it’s just as great as I expected. Kendrick has always been great at adapting to the trap sound and here he continues to show that he can be a great trap artist too. While the main focus is obviously on Kendrick, it shouldn’t be overlooked how solid Baby Keem is on this track. Here Keem returns to his eccentric and energetic sound that helped push his way into the mainstream and it really works here. These two have an amazing chemistry and it was put on full display here. Definitely not the track I expected from either of them, but that just made for a pleasant surprise. The production on here is great the whole way through and I love how the beat switches on a consistent basis. The first instrumental we get on this track has a very energetic and triumphant feel that’s amplified mainly through the brass melody that’s present. The brass melody sets a very solid tone for Keem’s personality-filled and zany vocals that accompany the instrumental perfectly. There’s also a very faint 808 inclusion that adds an entertaining layer to the instrumental and makes the track even catchier. The bass and drums present on this instrumental maintain a very basic rhythm, but it still suits the rest of the beat perfectly and sets a nice pace for Keem to work with. It’s just a really solid beat all around and is a great way to open the track. Then the beat switches, and while the second instrumental takes the mood in a completely different direction, the feel of it still fits Keem well and continues to display some great instrumentation. There’s a different brass inclusion present this time, one that’s instead a pretty faint harmony and has a very little amount of presence. The main melody on this second beat comes from a flute and it makes for a great trap sound. There’s also a more complex pattern of bass and drums which continues to keep a pretty fast and steady tempo for Keem to build off of. Outside of that, the 808 that’s present this time around has a bit of a different pattern as well as a bit more volume. All of these changes blend together pretty nicely, even though this instrumental doesn’t have much time on the track. Then the beat switches yet again as a lead into Kendrick’s half of the track. The third instrumental that takes over this time is a lot grimier and more gritty, yet the energy is able to continue which is very important in a track like this. The 808 this time around has a lot more of a vibration type of sound and punches in with a lot more intensity for this instrumental. There’s also a lot of faint synth harmonies that chime in and out throughout this beat which suits the vibe of the track very well. On top of all of that, there’s also a pretty faint piano harmony, and while being hard to hear, it still adds onto that grimier sound pretty well. There’s not really a melody, but there doesn’t need to be as the 808s and drums do a fantastic job the entire way through, The production was really just great all around. The vocals on this track oozed personality the entire way through as we were provided with a signature sound and style from both Keem and Kendrick here. Baby Keem’s vocals on this track were incredibly dynamic as the style and overall mood of his vocals consistently changed in a very entertaining way. Baby Keem maintains a pretty loud voice throughout most of his performance and it keeps the energy of this track alive in a really good way. His vocals here are very reminiscent of his earlier work which is exactly the type of sound that most of us want to get from Keem. Keem also changes his pitch consistently throughout this track and continues to push this very entertaining vocal style through his half of the track. Towards the closing of his half, he briefly changes his tone to one that’s a lot more monotone and it adds a very interesting vocal dynamic through this track as he chimes in on Kendrick’s verse too. Towards the closing of the track altogether, Baby Keem and Kendrick bounce off of each other in such a great way and it really shows their chemistry while also providing a very fun and entertaining vocal contrast. Kendrick Lamar uses his signature vocals throughout most of his half of the track and it sounds as amazing as it usually does. Kendrick’s sound is incredibly recognizable and sounds so great alongside Keem’s vocals as they both maintain a very similar type of energy the entire way through. Outside of his standard vocals, Kendrick also increases the intensity of his vocals through the latter portion of his verse and it sounds even better than what we’re used to hearing from him. When he ups his intensity on his verse, it provides a really amazing and entertaining variety of vocals on this track that really makes it unique. The vocals on this track were easily the highlight of this entire track as both Keem and Kendrick provided amazing and incredibly unique vocals. The lyricism on here is also pretty top notch for a trap track as both artists clearly put a ton of effort into their verses. The flows that both Keem and Kendrick use on this track are very impressive. Keem’s flow was a lot more chopped and fluctuating as he barely used the same flow for more than two or so bars. It makes for a very great performance as Keem put his flow versatility on full display with his performance on this track. Kendrick also consistently changed his flow while also adding a lot of very technically impressive rhyming aspects like interval rhymes and rhyming numerous syllables together. The rhyme patterns that both Keem and Kendrick use are very hard to find as it takes skill to pull off what these two artists accomplish with their flows and rhyme schemes. The lyrical substance of this track isn’t anything too special for Keem, but is wildly impressive with Kendrick. Keem focused a lot less on the lyrical substance of his performance and a lot more on the technical aspects and the flows, which is why his lyricism is very all-over-the-place on this track. While that’s not necessarily bad (especially for a trap single), it does end up falling short in comparison to Kendrick’s lyrics. Kendrick’s verse was mainly about his absence when it comes to making music as well as the legacy that he’s focused on leaving behind. It makes for some great lyricism and offers a lot of insight as to where Kendrick has been and why he’s been gone for such a long period of time. The lyricism of this track is very impressive all around as there was nothing about these performances that was disappointing in any way. All in all, this was great. I really hope that these two consider working together a lot more in the future as they really do bring out some of the best qualities of each other.

Also, thank you all for 300 followers. The time to get a review out for that has been kind of weird, both with me being busy and me hitting the milestone shortly after I returned to the site, but I’ll make a review for it soon. It won’t be anything too special, but I want to express my views on a lot more of what I think are perfect albums, so I thought this would be a good way to do it.

Love this review!! Congratulations on 300 followers!! :)
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