Björk - Atopos
Sep 6, 2022 (updated Sep 10, 2022)
Bjork’s latest single is an amazing display of surreal mastery in a way that’s groovy and abstract, yet beautiful at the same time.

Bjork is, by all means, a top notch artist. The vocals, the production, the versatility, everything about her music is remarkable and the mark she’s left on this industry is larger than most artists can even dream of. Well, she’s back and it’s clear with this release that she’s only getting better from where she left off most recently. The production is all over the place in the best way possible. The percussion carries so much weight and force that it’s incredibly easy to get hooked on the track right off the bat. The rhythm kept by the production is very steady throughout a majority of the run time, only to shoot up in intensity towards the end in a way that makes for a great closing segment. The track also opens up with some brief harmonies that combine for a momentarily heavenly and peaceful sound only for the percussion to shatter it in an instant. The bass clarinet aspect of the track is a bit strange at first, however it quickly catches on and adds a signature flair to the track. It’s a creative decision that only Bjork would make and it’s executed so well that I can’t complain. There are also some really heavy and groovy electronic rhythms that make their way into the track and it makes for a great addition to the track. These harmonies add a very addicting element to the track that ties everything together in a way that makes it impossible to not be attached to the song as a whole. The percussion and electronic harmonies take a brief pause to allow the track to feel very spacious and surreal at around the halfway point. It’s nice to hear the melodies more emphasized given the momentary breather that takes place. This gorgeous atmosphere the song creates allows for a nice change in pace before a higher pitched electronic harmony ropes the song back into the thumping percussion. The production closes out with a great change in tempo as the speed mounts slowly only to stop abruptly, leaving it off on a perfect note. Overall, the production is stunning all around. Captures Bjork’s adventurous and groundbreaking energy perfectly and makes for a track that’s unlike any other I’ve heard this year. Vocally, Bjork is stellar on this front as well. Her vocals hit some exquisite pitches that really captures an alluring feeling on the track. Her vocals also bring a lot of very powerful chords that coincide with the percussion extremely well and put a lot of impact into the track. Bjork’s vocals are truly one-of-a-kind and this single is proof of it. Bjork also fluctuates her tone a lot throughout the track, but it’s done in such a smooth and engaging way that kept me interested for the entire duration of the track. This gorgeous, somewhat heavenly tone of Bjork’s voice adds a very interesting and unique contrast to the production in a way that allows for this track to hit on multiple different levels. The impact of Bjork’s vocals is incredibly impressive as her volume increases make for an uplifting, yet simultaneously fierce sound as it feels like Bjork is putting all her emotion through each and every line. This is easily one of the strongest vocal performances I’ve heard all year. Bjork’s vocals also work very well with the spacious interlude the track takes as she’s able to capture a very surreal, atmospheric feel with her voice. Overall, the vocals on this track are easily as strong of an aspect as the production. Bjork has some truly astonishing vocals and they’re really felt throughout this track. Lyrically, Bjork is on point, coming through with lyrics that are extremely impactful and well thought out. Bjork has always struck me as a very introspective and intelligent artist and that’s shown on this track. Bjork has a very impressive way with words that’s unlike any other artist out there. She conveys messages in a way that’s super creative and distinguished. It’s as if each lyric is its own display of literary genius. The similes, metaphors, and allegorical aspects of the lyricism are so sublime and stellar. Very few artists possess lyrical ability on the level of Bjork’s. There are also a lot of strong messages found in the track that make for a very valuable listen outside of just the surface level sound (which is spectacular enough). When going beneath the face value of the lyrics, you find that the track has a whole other layer of greatness to it. There are also a lot of great flows that fit the beat very well while also making for a unique delivery and style that most artists don’t go for. Overall, the songwriting is stellar as well. Highly impressive in every single facet and a pinpoint display of Bjork’s musical gift.

All in all, I’m genuinely blown away with this track. Seeing the score beforehand made me doubtful that it would live up to the expectations, however it met those expectations and then far exceeded them.

@Calupmullings thank you! I went into it expecting to be somewhat let down, I ended up giving it a higher score than most have lol.
@LyricalMiracleS same i was so nervous I wouldn’t like it
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