Quadeca - Born Yesterday
Sep 21, 2022
Quadeca is back with a new single and it’s easily the best I’ve heard from him so far, however I’m not really blown away with what I heard. The production pretty much puts this track on its back as it’s easily the best aspect. The track opens with a very smooth and somber string rhythm that slowly builds with a few minor accompaniments while the volume sees a slight increase as well. There are also some electronic elements added throughout the intro to the track that blend together nicely and make for a very spacious and pleasant sound. They also accompany Quadeca’s vocals pretty well. There are a lot of layers and harmonies that enter and exit the track at different intervals and really help to add variety to the track. There are nice harmonies from keys, some occasional synth inclusions that fluctuate in volume at a similar pattern to Quadeca’s volume. The production does a great job at building up to this electronic, hectic sound when Quadeca has his heavy reverb and gritty sound. The atmosphere of the track constantly shifts in a way that’s almost perfectly in tune with Quadeca’s approach. Whenever Quadeca ditches the reverb and autotune for his natural vocals, the production follows a similar pattern and lets the melody breathe while softening the accompanying aspects of the instrumental. The drum and bass inclusions are very subtle and limited, but they keep a nice tempo and suit the track pretty well. Towards the end of the track, some very heavy and powerful chords take over the production and close the track in a sudden, yet very interesting way. Having mentioned all of this, there are a few issues the production brings. The main issue I have with it is that at times, the vocals and production clash in a way that makes the track a bit cluttered and incoherent. This happens at the parts where Quadeca and the production are at the loudest. Aside from that minor mixing issue, there’s really not much to complain about for this aspect. Overall, the production is very impressive. It’s got a lot of layers, a strong atmosphere, and a very solid and distinct sound. Quadeca’s vocals experience numerous changes and switches throughout the track and some of them end up working better than others. A lot of the vocals throughout this track see Quadeca’s voice take a very reverby and spacy approach that’s also bitcrushed at certain points. It’s safe to say that Quadeca’s vocals draw inspiration from the likes of Jean Dawson and Genesis Owusu, because stylistically there are a lot of parallels between Quadeca’s voice here and the aforementioned artists’ vocals. Most of the time, Quadeca’s voice is great alongside the production and they make for a very atmospheric and somewhat gorgeous sound. However, there are a few instances where the balance between Quadeca and the production is a bit off and it feels like these elements are on two different pages. While it doesn’t distract from the track a whole lot, it does make the track relatively messy and all over the place. When Quadeca drops all the vocal effects, it doesn’t suit the production well at all as it feels like Quadeca’s vocals are sticking out instead of fitting in. As previously mentioned, it temporarily sets the track a bit off course. Overall, the vocals generally are pretty solid. It’s insanely obvious that Quadeca needs to drop his rapping and go all in with this style because this is where he can make quality music. Quadeca’s lyrics and songwriting are easily the worst parts of this track. The lyrics are relatively tedious and repetitive. Quadeca sort of spins in circles lyrically as in six minutes, the song sees pretty much no expansion or change on the lyrical front. It’s also important to note that a lot of Quadeca’s lines don’t really connect in any way and in some spots, the lyrics are just nonsensical or confusing when put next to each other (the chorus is a prime example). Quadeca’s flows were also relatively simplistic and could’ve used a bit more variation in them as well, however they did at the very least fit the tone and pace of the track. There’s really not a whole lot to unpack on the songwriting front as I found it to be pretty underwhelming in comparison to the track’s other pieces. Overall, the lyrics and songwriting were a noticeable weak spot. All in all, in spite of my issues, I think this is the best I’ve heard from Quadeca yet and he’s heading down a good path that should lead to some more quality stuff in the future.
The lyrics actually have meaning, I can understand repetitive but they all connect, the song is told from the perspective of a ghost who cannot come to terms with their death.

The line I wasn’t born yesterday obviously means the popular phrase which entails he isn’t dumb, but it also means he’s in denial that he was “reborn” yesterday into the afterlife. “ I think you’re god damn lying” is in reaction to how his alive mother and possibly other people are coping with his death. He sees they are moving on fine and he thinks they’re lying and are unable to cope with his death.

Lines like “I got a new birthday to celebrate” support the meaning of his rebirth into the afterlife.

“Until I forgot how to breathe” supports the idea of him dying, so does “I’ve been in so many prayers”

The line “I’ve been in so many tears” also talks about how people are reacting to his death

“I’ve lived in so many houses” this one confused me but I’m pretty sure off what I’ve read it means
It means that he lives though his music in other peoples houses lol

“I’ve been trying to under how you moved on from me” this is one of the biggest giveaways that he is talking about how people are coping with his death and that he either thinks they’re pretending to be okay or that he doesn’t want to see them move on so easily

“I wasn’t born anyways” this line means that he doesn’t think he was alive when he was actually alive. Idk prolly some shit like he was depressed and didn’t think he was living while being alive

I’m sure you can easily depict the rest of the lyrics like the one about heavy clouds about him being in heaven and the it happened for a reason pretty easily after all I’ve said

TLDR: while I can agree it gets repetitive the lyrics do connect with each other and make sense, it only takes a couple mins of reading comments to understand lol
@Qewt where did I say the lyrics don't have meaning? You're absolutely stretching with your interpretation of the chorus. "I wasn't born yesterday" is likely solely based on the popular phrase and "I think you're goddamn lying" is just a throwaway lyric that doesn't connect. You also proceeded to explain that a line was likely about depression (not on topic with the supposed meaning of the song) and the houses line is off topic and strange. "I've been in so many tears" and I'm trying to understand how you moved on from me" could easily be basic lines about a breakup or tough relationship. Who knows, you might be right, but from my perspective this supposed meaning is really twisted and some of it feels like grasping at straws.
@Qewt regardless, the lyrics leave me relatively underwhelmed so my score would hardly be lifted if I was convinced that what you're proposing is correct
i will say that quad said the album is from the perspective of a ghost and liked a comment on the mv with a similar theory
not to say this will change your thoughts but the above comment isnt that far fetched
@LyricalMiracle5 the lyrics were confirmed to mean exaclty what I spoke about by quadeca himself lol… also the song is not about a breakup, the song is told from the perspective of a ghost, what ghost talks about breakups. The god damn lying is 100% the ghost talking about his alive mother or other family members faking how easily they are able to cope with his death
@LyricalMiracle5 saying the chorus leaves you underwhelmed and other lyrics is perfectly reasonable lol, just saying it actually does have meaning and it’s actually one of quadecas deepest songs ever
Also to say that I’m stretching is insane when there is LITERALLY a lyric that says “ You said I’m in a better place “ like bro 😭 😭 come on how much more obvious could this get
It is kind of cryptic, but all the lyrics do have meaning in them
@Qewt if it takes the artist needing to explain the theme of the song in order for it to become more sensible, then it was executed poorly to begin with. I'm sure Quadeca was taking that approach towards the substance of the song, but it didn't land for me. Agree to disagree.
It seems things will be more apparent once the full album releases
@LyricalMiracleS True I guess but many people had thought about this and he just confirmed someone’s theorie by upvoting it, some of the lyrics are really self explanatory but I can see why some would think it’s about heart break considering his past music being all about that
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