2021 Singles Ranked

As opposed to only putting together the bad singles like I did last year, this year I'm going to rank every single I review. I plan on making this a very large list and I'll include a vast majority of the hip hop singles that get released this year.

Little Simz - Introvert
Everything about this track is incredibly impressive and really puts Little Simz's talent on full display. The instrumental is incredibly complex and features numerous different melodies that chime in on random intervals, all of which sound great. The bass is also really strong and powerful and the drum pattern has a lot if energy and sets a marching band tone. The vocals pack in a lot of emotion too which really fits the topics within the track incredibly well. The lyricism presented on this track is also amazing as Little Simz packed in a lot of solid and meaningful bars alongside some really impressive flows. This track is just amazing overall.
Lice - Ask Anyone
Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman pay respect to MF DOOM in a really touching and well-crafted way. The instrumental is one of DOOM's many incredible beats that really showcased his amazing fun and groovy style of production. Everything from the smooth piano melody to the subtle but powerful rhythms make for a really incredible beat. Aesop and Homeboy also brought some very great vocals that were incredibly unique and even had somewhat of a villainous sound to them which was a great way to pay respect. The lyrics were really heartwarming as Aesop and Homeboy went over all the great experiences they had with DOOM and celebrated all of his accomplishments. Just a really incredible track all around and a perfect way to pay homage.
The Koreatown Oddity - Breastmilk
Although it poses a rather funny concept, The Koreatown Oddity executes it in an incredibly complex and intelligent way. The production was amazing and Koreatown packed in a very solid lyrical performance. Constant wordplay and tons of solid bars made this track really impressive. This is just a solid track all around and very unique on top of that.
Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin - Blame
Another incredible track by a duo that seems to be incapable of failing. The production is pretty amazing. The fluctuating synths set a really strong melody and the heavy hitting bass and drums really add vibrance to the instrumental. The heavenly sounding vocal riffs that can be heard in tje background are also pretty stunning. Vocally Anakin was pretty strong all the way through and had some very interesting sound transitions. Lyrically there's also tons of quality bars and really unique flows that are impressive too. Just a really strong track all around.
Brent Faiyaz & DJ Dahi - Gravity
Given that I've never Brent until now, I was completely blown away with what I heard. The production was incredibly relaxing and brought a fun melody and some really smooth rhythms. Brent's vocals were stunning as he was able to maintain a top tier voice while changing pitch with ease. I haven't heard a vocal performance on this level in quite some time in terms of newer releases. Tyler, The Creator also brought a great feature with a well contrasting voice and some really solid lyricism. All of this while also bringing a signature abstract flow that really made his feature performance stand out. Just a great track as a whole.
Freddie Gibbs - Gang Signs
A pleasant surprise from Freddie Gibbs that showcases a really smooth melodic sound. The production is incredibly chill and included a blend of so many great sounds from the trumpet melody to the guitar opening. The mass and rhythms also showcased a bit of lo-fi resemblance that also sounded pretty solid all around. It was definitely a really interesting beat and isn't what you'd expect from Freddie normally. Freddie also showed that he has some decent singing ability on this track with some really good vocals that made some of Freddie's more emotional lines really stand out. Freddie's voice was really smooth yet sounded a lot grittier than normal. Freddie's lyricism was also great with some more emotional bars and a few really great flows that fit the singing style well. ScHoolboy Q also brought a few solid bars, some nice flows, and a well contrasting voice with his feature that was also pretty impressive. Definitely a great track all around and a pretty impressive release from Freddie.
Run the Jewels - ooh la la (feat. Santa Fe Klan) (Mexican Institute of Sound Remix)
While it's far from from anything you'd expect from Run the Jewels, it's still solid remix that adds a whole new layer of life to an already solid track. The production was off to a rough start but quickly recovered and ended up sounding great. The trumpet and maracas really pushed a fiesta feel to the track that sounded pretty amazing and was a lot of fun to hear. Killer Mike and El-P also delivered with some really powerful vocals and impressive lyricism. It's clear that they've really perfected what they do. Santa Fe Klan also brought some intense vocals and while I couldn't understand their bars, I'm sure they were impressive. Definitely a great remix and it took a style that you'd never expect from Run the Jewels.
Lil Mosey - Holy Water
An incredibly catchy and vibey melodic song that tops all of Mosey's previous releases. The production lays out a really upbeat and fun sound that Mosey utilizes really well. While the lyrical performance was basic and relatively unimpressive, Mosey kept the quality of the track in tact with his energetic vocals. He moved away from his generic sound and put a lot of life into his vocals here. Definitely an above average melodic cut.
2 Eleven - Another Play
An aggressive and badass track where every artist holds their weight will always produce good results. The production was amazing and the gloomy piano melody really solidified that gangster vibe. The bass also chimed in and out which made for some really catchy variation in the instrumental throughout the track. Every artist also performed well, but Freddie Gibbs stole the show with some top tier and great flows over some really powerful vocals. Great track all around and I highly recommend it.
Rav - Time-Tested
A very enjoyable upbeat lo-fi hip hop cut. Rav brought a lot of very interesting flows that constantly switched up and stayed impressive. He also showcased a lot of nice expressive lyrics and had some pretty solid vocals. The production maintained a very smooth and uplifting sound with a nice vocal harmony accompanying it. Definitely a very solid track all around. Quality production, gripping vocals, impressive lyricism, and great flows. There's really not a lot to complain about.
Smino - MLK Dr
A really immersive and completely out-of-this-world cut from Smino. Smino brought some really gripping vocals that acted as the perfect accompaniment to the spacey production. The synths on the production also sounded incredible as they really elevated the mood that this track gives off. Smino was also very impressive on the lyrical front as he brought a nice set of bars and some quality flows. The only real issue I have with this track is that it ended too soon.
Chillpill - LiLBiTcH
SCORE = 71/100

An incredibly vibrant and lively track that keeps a really upbeat energy throughout the entire time. The production is really energetic and fun to listen to. The string melody suits the energy of the track very well and the powerful bass inclusions always punch in at the right time. The vocals on the chorus and throughout the track are pretty good and Rico Nasty definitely delivered on her part too. This is all around a really unique and fun track that really stands out stylistically.
slowthai & A$AP Rocky - MAZZA
While the production and A$AP Rocky brought incredible additions to the track, slowthai was ultimately what brought this track down. Slowthai had a very irritating voice throughout his performance and it made for a really tough listen. While the incredibly unique and interesting production set slowthai up for something great, slowthai ultimately botched the execution. A$AP Rocky brought a great feature performance that easily held the track together. It's a good track, but slowthai stopped it from being great.
Lil Spleen - Cakes
SCORE = 68/100

A really fun track that keeps an entertaining and gripping sound throughout the whole listen. However, the vocals on the chorus are pretty bad and Spleen switched up his pitches pretty poorly on the chorus. His vocals on his verses will pretty solid though and definitely kept a fun energy. Lyrically Spleen was full of funny and witty bars that really made this is a joyous track all around. It's a decent track. If the vocals on the chorus weren't so terrible I'd be way more impressed than I am, but because of that this track gets held back quite a bit.
JPEGMAFIA is capable of so much more than what he brought here. Everything from the production to JPEG's vocals to his lyrics and flows were disappointing to some extent. The production was pretty basic, but still brought some pleasant sounds. There was no variation in the instrumental, which is a let down when that tends to appear on JPEG's music. JPEG's vocals were also pretty standard melodic vocals and the bars he brought rarely had anything valuable within them.
Ameer Vann - IDFIATOK
A very interesting and enjoyable trap track that was really held back by Ameer's lack of valuable bars. The production sounded incredible and combined a lot of very diverse sounds that flowed together well. Ameer's flows were also just as diverse and versatile as the production as they stayed solid and constantly changed even in a run time as short as this. Ameer's lyricism was fairly disappointing as he didn't really say anything that held any importance. This is a decent track, Ameer just let it down a little bit with his underwhelming lyricism.
FKA twigs, Headie One & Fred again... - Don't Judge Me
FKA was the only above average aspect of this entire track. Her vocals were absolutely stunning and they sounded great alongside the beat. The production was incredibly dry and had nothing unique or interesting in it at all. Bland melodies and basic bass and drums were ultimately what held the production back from really being anything impressive. Headie One also didn't suit the beat at all and brought some very inconsistent flows. This is a mediocre song that's heavily carried by FKA's amazing performance.
Young Stoner Life, Yak Gotti, & Sheck Wes - GFU
SCORE = 53/100

The production on this track is really hard and sounds fairly good, but Yak, Sheck, and Kayo fall short with their performances. Yak Gotti sounds far too much like Young Thug and because of that he has no real unique qualities at all. Sheck was standard with an aggressive sound and a few decent bars here and there. Kayo definitely brought the most energy but his lyricism really wasn't anything unique or interesting. This is just a really mediocre track. The instrumental is easily what holds this whole track together.
Saweetie - Best Friend
SCORE = 52/100

The beat is ultimately what holds this track back the most because it's terrible. The melody is absolutely atrocious and it ends up being all there really is to the beat as there's not a whole lot of other aspects. Vocally Saweetie and Doja both were a bit irritating at certain points but neither of them were consistently bad with their voices. Lyrically there's really nothing interesting or unique here which is how the song feels as a whole. It's a pretty average track, there's just nothing unique here and the instrumental is pretty bad.
BRS Kash, DaBaby, & City Girls - Throat Baby (Go Baby) [Remix]
SCORE = 48/100

When DaBaby and BRS Kash were present, I thought it was a fairly good track. However, the City Girls did what they do best and completely ruined the track. They were constantly either sounding really annoying or were desperately trying to pull off a melodic sound and failing. Outside of that, the production is decent. It's a standard melodic beat with a soft melody and some powerful bass and rhythms. DaBaby sounded good and stuck to the same flow he always uses and BRS delivered a nice chorus and maintained a solid sound. This is just disappointing due to the City Girls.
YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa
SCORE = 43/100

YBN Nahmir sounds really boring considering that he always goes for an aggressive approach on his tracks. His vocals have absolutely no energy at all. The production is pretty bland and the melody gets to be pretty annoying. The beat never changes throughout the whole track. 21 Savage had a fairly decent feature verse, but that doesn't change the fact that everything else about the track is just really boring and generic. Definitely a below average track with no real redeeming qualities outside of 21's verse.
Mario Judah - I Cannot Love You
Mario Judah removes everything about his music that made him somewhat likeable and as a result put out a pretty intolerable track. The chorus is annoying and insanely repetitive and Mario showcased no personality at all in his lyrics. He also showed limited pitch changes which made this track a really rough listen. On top of all of this, the production wasn't even good, which sucks because it seemed like that was all he could do right anymore. Really just bad by every metric. There's no reason to listen to this if you expect to be entertained.
SCORE = 31/100

It's already apparent that CJ is only capable of repeatedly doing the same thing and he barely has any music out. Whoopty was only tolerable because of the production, but here the production is also bad so it can't even save the track. CJ used the same flow on here that he used on Whoopty and the Czar Remix while spitting the most illogical and stupid bars that I've heard out of any modern artist. CJ really doesn't possess any skill and at this point it's painfully obvious.
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@LyricalMiracleS That's amazinggg to hear! I'm glad that you thought it was great! :)
@Cry it's probably gonna remain in the upper half of this list for most of the year. I still have some singles from early to mid January to get to, but even then I don't think any of them are better than Holy Water, at least off the top of my head.
yayyy, holy water number 2!!! Love this list!!! :)
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