Beartooth - Below
Jun 25, 2021 (updated Jun 26, 2021)
Let me just start off by saying that while I have a lot to praise on this album, I will admit I have little to no objectivity reviewing this. Beartooth are one of my favorite bands ever, mostly because they deliver riffage that I like and have catchy melodies. Their lyrics also help out a lot. It's easy to call them the AC/DC of metalcore because they pretty much rinse and repeat all of their songs and it can be almost impossible to tell them apart sometimes. Another thing is that Beartooth have always felt conflicted in how they want to make songs, whether targeting the hardcore kids or the mainstream audience. "Disease", especially suffered from this because of jarring jumps between songs. I acknowledge all that, and yet, I still wanna give this album the credit it deserves.

Thankfully, this album takes the heavier approach to the band and runs with it. Despite the fact that almost all of the songs in here follow nearly identical song structures, they all bring a real sense of weight to them. It's very clear this is Beartooth writing another vent-style album, where the band puts everything they've been dealing with out in the open. It does not hold back either. This easily has some of the heaviest content since the Sick EP. The obvious drawback is that almost all the tracks sound exactly the same, which means that if you want sonic diversity, it's not gonna be here.

If you were turned away by the whoa-oh's in "The Past Is Dead", that's not even close to the impression you should get from this album. There are songs with clean vocals, but there are also songs that just let Caleb run wild. It's really refreshing overall. The riffs are also super chonky and the band does that thing where they let certain notes just ring out and do some weird effects to make them ring out with a lot of force. They play around with it a lot here and it sounds really good.

EDIT: Front to back, this is the most consistent Beartooth effort ever. It flows very well and has a very logical progression. I haven't found a song I really hate, though there is definitely some fluff/repeat moments. I bumped my rating up, but I'm very certain things will change before the end of the year.
2d ago
Fuck objectivity, your speak the truth :) This album rules
1d ago
@a1pha7 Thanks, friend! Been following this band for a long time. Absolutely dig this album!
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