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Jellico, TN
just a guy who finds joy in discovering new music and expressing my opinions on it...
please don't take me seriously at all. im just a guy who loves music and ocassionally writes about albums he loves. i have an incredibly inconsistent rating system btw. OH you can find me on insta @heyizlan . TAKING A BREAK
Under your bed
I carefully choose who I follow
in a jar
fav artist: BONES fav rapper: Aesop Rock fav singer: Charli Byorke fav electronic musician: Aphex twin fav band: IDLES
Somewhere in Ireland
Learning more about music every day and will eventually write a review! I'm pretty lenient on my ratings, so anything under 50 is pretty bad. Also, I am not rating all the albums I have listened to in the past, as I feel like I need to give them another listen to properly rate/review them. You'll see more 2000s onwards albums rated. And I follow literally everyone cuz why not
Appreciate the 50 followers
I'm a musician in Nevada and I enjoy making music and listening to good music that gives me inspiration and I like to share those inspirations with others. 100 - 96 = Masterpiece (10's) 95 - 50 = Okay to Amazing 49 - 0 = Not So Great to OHGODPLEASENO
São Paulo, Brazil.
I have the correct criticism based on compositions, sound, activation, rhythm and especially i value its production. If i don't like that, it's not going to change my mind. Only a person who has joy to show his opinions around the world of music.
Some quiet, lonely place
*Updating old ratings Nerdy introvert who tends to get a bit obsessive with his interests. I'm not too stern with my scores and I have little interest in listening to music I'll most likely hate. Occasionally write reviews when I feel "inspired". 100: Masterpiece 99 - 90: Amazing 89 - 80: Very Good 79 - 70: Good 69 - 60: Decent 59 - 50: Average 49 - 40: Bad 39 - 30: Very Bad 29 - 20: Horrible 19 - 0: Trash *I also consider my 98's & 99's to be masterpieces.
Playing the wrong Records to the right people since 2012
Lakeside, California (East County San Diego)
I rate authentically, not critically. -gonewildbunghol I AM GETTING OFF PROBATION OCTOBER 3RD, 2020. I WILL THEN PARTICIPATE IN DISCUSSION AND FRIENDSHIP. I’M HERE TO HELP THE COMMUNITY OUT BY FOLLOWING EVERYONE AND LIKING EVERYONE’S REVIEWS. ;) LET’S HELP USERS STAY ON AOTY!!!!! (party poppers) (confetti storm) SEND RECS OF ANYTHING. LITERALLY ANYTHING. Y’all CAN “like my reviews,” “like my lists,” “follow me,” but CAN’T “comment on my shoutbox until October 3rd of this year”
I will be using this account to rate singles in 2020 (starting in january) as the possibility to only show albums or to only show singles in your "best of singles" is not possible (yet hopefully). They just clogged up my account even though I do want to leave thoughts on individual tracks if I want to.
One of the few boring ones here in the website (lol) , but at least I discover a lot of gems in here and that's all that matters.
Arizona | Vibing away from the riots
I'm a 16 year old egirl that pretends that my musical opinions matter. My name is Charlise, and my aliases are C.L. Jesse, Johnny Truant, and AvenadeFan69. ***95+ is equal to a 10/10 or 5/5*** 90-100: Masterpiece 80-89: Wonderful 70-79: Good/decent 60-69: Alright 50-59: Meh/Okay 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful/Funny Bad 20-29: Trash 10-19: Disposable 0-9: Nonredeemable Spotify: heyitbelili DA: CLJesse Letterboxd: CLJesse Band Discord:
somewhere watching dystopian anime
i like pop. sorry 😐 seriously tho, hi! do not expect anything from me, i do not post detailed/meaningful reviews usually. i’m just here to discover new music :)
god bless
not good with words. i'll try sometimes. i mainly listen to hiphop and (k)pop releases but im also trying to branch out so join me on my journey
Boylife in Philly
My name is Damon. 16 year old bisexual furry. I like music, duh. 100: Masterpiece 93-99: Godly 88-92: Amazing 80-87: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Decent 50-59: Mediocre/Mid 40-49: Bad, but tolerable 30-39: Bad 20-29: Awful 19-11: Garbage 10 & under: Kill me
Message me innovative albums...'It's for a list!'
21 year old obsessed with plants. (He/him) I like to follow lots of users, so my follower count doesn't indicate the quality of 90% of my reviews. 95+ is basically perfect, 85-94 is excellent & <50 is everyone else's <20 (My rating system is pretty kind to crap albums). Once my ratings get above 80, each numerical increment indicates quite a large boost in quality. I try to rate albums with a healthy mixture of critical objectivity and personal subjectivity.
Trash Island
I fucking hate music
Yachty Gang
uh oh (ratings change often and is mainly based on my enjoyment)
this is my singles account hi
Brisbane, Australia
pop // rock // indie // australian music 24. he/him. Filipino-Australian poptimist. Todd In The Shadows fanboy. Avid Triple J listener. Always changing my scores. Singles account: Rating scale (constantly re-rating for accuracy): 100-90: This album is amazing! 89-80: I love this album. 79-70: I like this album. 69-60: This album is okay. 59-50: I have no strong feelings either way. 49-0: I don’t like this album.
i like pop music a lot. oh and some other stuff too i guess.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! This is the twin account of AndreManfre93, I use this only to rate singles :) This is the other account where I rate everything else (LP, compilations, live albums, soundtracks): Please feel free to recommend songs that I should listen to!
currently listening to a 16 hour comp so thats why I have lesser ratings now!!! my library is stuff i need to listen to Singles account: rym:
moved accounts to @julia13
Waterparks stan account
I write mediocre reviews. Remember, my opinion is and should always be viewed as objective fact. I usually don't listen to something I unless I think I'd enjoy it which is why I don't have many negative ratings. 10 - Masterpiece 9 - Amazing 8 - Great 7 - Good 6 - Decent 5 - Meh 4 - Mediocre 3 - Bad 2 - Very bad 1 - Nearly unlistenable 0 - Shouldn't exist
This is my singles and EPs account. My username MusicN was an accident; I clicked enter before I could type MusicNPlants!
Somewhereland: World's Most Ambiguous Theme Park
I'm like you, but less annoying...
Germantown, MD
Just a cool college kid with autism who can review music nuff said also have instagram
Single account:
19 year old. 10/10 would listen to recommendations.
in the deep time
she/her i am the vaporwave girl on this website.
Long Island
Been listening to nonstop music for years without keeping track of most things, so I figured I'd start a catalogue of ratings here. Follow my Twitter for more music garbage, and I'll follow back if you're a music account. Key: 100 - Perfect 10/10 95 - Strong 9 / Imperfect 10 90 - Solid 9 85 - Strong 8 / Light 9 80 - Solid 8 75 - Strong 7 / Light 8 70 - Solid 7 ...And so on for 65 through 5 (5 being a Light 1/10). 0 - ‘Playdough Cooked In Tea’ by Me&me
Thank you for 500!!! 🎉
There is nothing interesting about me.
vanchromo is a mix of two steam usernames i had [van]dango and xxx [chromo]some actual account:
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free palestine yall, don't forget
@weezus 100th rating: technique - new order 500th rating: r plus seven - oneohtrix point never 666th rating: fear inoculum - tool (fitting) library is me vinyls
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

i'm new to writing my thoughts on music so if i seem like i have no idea what i'm talking about it's probably because i don't anything in my library i’ve listened to
Smitten on the Mitten
Fricker who listens to too much pop music. My favorite genres are synth pop, indie pop, indietronica, glitch pop, pop rock, emo, pop punk, wonky, hip hop, ambient, metalcore, noise pop, and post-hardcore. My scores are mostly based off pure enjoyment. Singles are rated in intervals of five.
Not much to see here, just a place to keep track of music I've listened to (and mostly enjoyed).
Glasgow, Scotland
indie rock sucks.
AKA “That One Dude That Hears Colors” •Pianist, tenor saxophonist, drummer •My band Orchid is on streaming! Link in bio too! •Trey Likes Bands on YouTube •I use a score equation (sorry bout it) •Some half-assed reviews are me just trying to keeping the number of ratings and reviews equal. 100: Flawless 99-90: Amazing 90+ are liked 89-80: Great 79-70: Good 70+ are in library 69-60: Decent 59-50: Okay 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Cursed 9-0: Hot Garbage
*I suck at writing reviews* I really love listening to music and honestly it’s mostly hiphop until now, but I mean the rest of this account shows me trying out new genres and rating the albums. I guess this account shows my attempts to delve into other sorts of music. If I had to say so myself, I’d say those attempts are succeeding pretty well. My average rating is around 6.8 so I guess overall I'm pretty positive about music.
Santiago, Chile
Just a boy rating albums and feeling good about himself. I have a Youtube Channel called Baja Frecuencia where I review movies and music, go and check it out. 100: Holy shit 90: Spectacular 80: Fantastic 70: Great 60: Good 50: Mediocre / Indifferent 40: Not good 30: Bad 20: Disgusting 10: Horrendous I don't believe in 0/10, so my minimum is 1/10.
san diego, ca
tally hall stannie (he/him) just here to share albums that i love

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