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Malneezy -
Hey yall! Don’t forget to check out my new single I made for my upcoming Self-titled LP!

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Malneezy -
Oh boy…where to start…

Implicit Doom returns after a 3 month hiatus which is pretty long for his standards and gives us a half baked and low effort of a album. I’m gonna be honest, this album is all over the place.

This new album has some of his most annoyingly structured songs yet and the production (while sounding good) feels like it has a stroke every once in awhile. Parts of the songs will end abruptly or have sections of the song become not in synth with the rhythm or ... read more
Malneezy -
I’m so glad I can finally review and listen to this after waiting for a month since it got pulled back from June to July. Congrats on finally getting out…now review time! >:3

Through many listens, I’d say that LUCY has come up again with another great single! It’s super atmospheric and chilling with it’s impressive production. I know I’ve said it before with the other single but I still get Radiohead vibes from this, specially the “Kid A” ... read more
Malneezy -
I’d say this a pretty good opener if it is! New single from RiskR is a soft ambient track that incorporates some dreamy piano which brings it all together to make a blissful track. Overall, I really like it and can’t wait to see more from RiskR in the future! Good job bud!👍
Malneezy -
“Piss Clouds Above Gary, Indiana“ is the first LP release and in this Sun Kidd shows his sampling creativity with the first track “Side D” which is a 14 minute fun, weird, and cleverly sampled piece with a bunch of modern music references and media. It’s so far my favorite track Sun Kidd has made so far. “Side J” is also another piece which is over 18 minutes and I’ve heard this before but this is more updated and better version from the one ... read more
Malneezy -
I’m sorry but this track is so poorly put together, some parts are so out of sync and feel so choppy and are very distracting. This should of had another take because in my eyes, it plain sounds like he didn’t care if this sounded completed or not, he just wanted something out for ID again after the controversy. But what the hell do I know right? :P


Jul 29, 2021
malneezzzzzzzy its ouuuuuuuut
Jul 28, 2021
Thank you!!!!! <333
Jul 28, 2021
it’s out nowww ^_^
Jul 27, 2021
Hey malneezy! im releasing a single tonight for aoty users 7:00 PM EST and officially tmmrw! I'd love if you'd check it out! :DD (also i will listen to your new single soon i promise)
Jul 26, 2021
Hey, how are you going?

I saw you drop the track here so I decided to check it out. I found it quite interesting; some of the build-ups were quite intriguing and cathartic, but I felt that some sections (first that comes to mind is the first minute) just drag a bit, so the track sporadically loses the focus that makes its best moments so great. Nevertheless, I thought it was a pretty decent song that had a fair few interesting passages here and there.

Tell me when the album drops, I'd love to check it out.
Jul 26, 2021
hi and what's your favorite loona subnit?
Jul 24, 2021
if i don’t get to it by the end of the week please remind me
Jul 24, 2021
tysm for the follow!
Jul 24, 2021
Thanks for follow me! <3
Jul 22, 2021
Is it the same score as the black midi album?


Hello there, I'm Malneezy and it's nice to meet you <3
I review based on the music more likely than pay attention to lyrics. But will sometimes mention lyrics. That's just how I listen to music. I also love getting requested music so send me anything!

My Discord: Malneezy#9833 (Message me anytime!)

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