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Malneezy -
Hello everyone! My new album is here! It's a big left turn and just decided to make the music from my heart and after months of work, I'm super proud of what I made and I hope you guys can enjoy it as well...or at least give it a try.

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Malneezy -
Okay okay, please don't kill me Weezer fans but I genuinely liked this way more. I can't explain but this feels way more genuine and more fun than previous albums. The guitar solos are way better and the songs are structured better IMO. This is also a bit more experimental for Weezer as well and I would say they pulled it off well! The lyrics are also odder but fit the instrumentals more in this case. This is just a fun album and not trying to be their predecessors like "Blue" or ... read more
Malneezy -
Honestly, I stop caring for lyrics for now with these guys and only listen if the songs sound good sonically to me lmao. Boring and bland asf!

Favorites: Island In The Sun, Crab...(I think?), O Girlfriend

Least Favorites: Don't Let Go, Photograph, Hash Pipe, Knockdown Dragout, Smile, Simple Pages, Glorious
Malneezy -
This is literally like the Blue Album but with better "production". I am clearly not the audience for this. BUT! Will still continue my journey into Weezer.

Favorites: Getchoo, No Other One, Why Bother?, The Good Life, Pink Triangle, Butterfly

Least Favorites: Tired Of Sex, Across The Sea, El Scorcho, Falling For You
Malneezy -
FIRST TIME LISTENING TO WEEZER AND MY 500th REVIEW!....and I'm a bit disappointed? The songs themselves were catchy but something felt so...fake about it? For some reason, I wasn't really feeling it. It certainly fits that college movie-type music haha. The lyrics were also so cheesy to me and so basic and boring at points. But besides the lyrics, I did enjoy the songs for what they are. Probably just I'm not the demographic for this album, but I will continue my venture into Weezer. A positive ... read more
Malneezy -

Favorites: Jail, Off The Grid, Hurricane, Believe What I Say, 24, Remote Control, Moon, Heaven And Hell, Donda, Keep My Spirit Alive, Jesus Lord, New Again, Lord I Need You, Pure Souls, Come To Life, No Child Left Behind, Jail Pt. 2, Ok Ok Pt. 2, Junya Pt. 2, Jesus Lord Pt. 2

Least Favorites: Donda Chant, God Breathed, Jonah, Ok OK, Junya, Tell The Vision


Sep 26, 2021
oh hey, just saw this. ill definitely take a listen
Sep 24, 2021
hii! i just released a song; it’s on all platforms. i’d be so happy if you could listen to it and give it a quick review if possible. if you need a link, just let me know!
Sep 19, 2021
Sorry for the lack of replies, pretty busy at the mo, but that's definitely one of, if not your best album to date!
Sep 15, 2021
YES! I will most definitely listen to this! Thank you for sharing
Sep 15, 2021
hi! i’ve listened to the first few songs, but unfortunately i’m on vacation and don’t have much time to listen to new music at all. from what i’ve heard, you’re a good producer, and you have unique instrumental ideas. the pacing is a bit off, but i enjoyed it :)
Sep 14, 2021
Congrats man! I unfortunately don't have time to listen to user-made music anymore, but congrats on the release!
Sep 13, 2021
Sure thing - hmu back; my Bandcamp's in the bio
Sep 11, 2021
i’ll try get to it at some point! thank you for sending me it :))
Sep 10, 2021
awesome :D
Sep 10, 2021
I will!! and ill use this as a reminder to remind you about my new project! its my best, by far


Hello there, I'm Malneezy and it's nice to meet you <3
I review based on the music more likely than pay attention to lyrics. But will sometimes mention lyrics. That's just how I listen to music. I also love getting requested music so send me anything! (Now on RYM!)

My Discord: Malneezy#9833 (Message me anytime!)

90/95 - Amazing
80/85 - Great
70/75 - Good
60/65 - Ok
50/55 - Decent
40/45 - Bearable
30/35 - Bad
20/25 - Terrible
10/15 - Garbage
5/0 - Unlistenable

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