Distimia Agorafóbica - Recaer
Feb 10, 2021 (updated Mar 13, 2021)
I listened to this about 3 times in a row this was really great! Being it sung in all Spanish, I still enjoyed it musically. It has lush guitars layered over it and fun synths throughout the album, making it a feel-good vibe. It also has a very low-fi psychedelic distorted feel to it which is pleasant to the ears. The singing is also very nice and soothing as well which compliments the music very well. Overall, it was a great album, and hope others check this out too!

Edit March 13th: Grew on me a lot!

Favorites: Desespero, Desintegración, Blanco,, Corintios,, Respirar., Resistencia, El Mar, Girar, Recaer

Least Favorites: Preludio
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Apr 12, 2021
LOL I just noticed the change to 90
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