Ye's Independence Day

"I burned eight billion to take off my chains". After quite a while since Donda Kanye is back and has finally managed to get out of contracts that were holding him back in both music and fashion achieving the creative freedom he has so intensely chased for some years now

Appearing in the cover in a Jason mask and with his practically naked wife by his side (something that he's been criticized for again and again) it's a provocative way of saying that he can do ... read more

Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
“AND THEN YOU PRAY FOR ME” delivers in every aspect as West’s final LP

The record essentially acts as a double album with 2 different sounds. Gunn has curated the album incredibly blending these styles through many skits and interludes

From the straight grimy heat of “Mamas Primetime” to having all 3 Griselda members spit over a trap beat in "Kostas" the album immediately sets the tone that you are getting both some amazing Griselda-type tracks and also ... read more

Drake - For All The Dogs
“For All The Dogs” at first sounds more well-cooked than any of his recent releases

The first half is really good but everything after the Dj Screw interlude is a trainwreck expect 8 am in Charlotte and maybe Rich Baby Daddy

Favorites—> Daylight, First Person Shooter, Calling For You and 8am in Charlotte

Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Dark, trippy and fascinating.

Psychedelic Trap changes forever today

Trap music has been really stale for a while now and Travis is here to shake everything up. Utopia is pushing boundaries left and right track after track

I love the variety of sounds here and mostly how it all still sounds focused. The production is out of this world. He built a whole universe within Utopia with sonics that sound like Travis' psychedelic style mixed with the dystopian aesthetic of Donda and the industrial ... read more

Nah this shit is legendary. That cover is already iconic

“BUSINESS IS BUSINESS” has Spider going back to a sound he hasn’t really touched since SS3 and doing it with some of the craziest context any Hip Hop album has ever had. The man is saying he's "Uncle Murda" and that he "Went Kingpin" while in prison facing RICO charges. You can’t make this up.

The record suprisingly feels focused despite the obvious conditions of the release as many lines and ... read more

From his obscure deliveries, creative flows and unique beat selection to his eccentric taste for high art and fashion Young Thug is one of the most exciting and boundary pushing artists of the last decade

The man has delivered classics on classics over the years always trying out new things and taking trap music to previously unexplored depths time and time again. “Slime Season” is no exception

Many would say that “Barter 6” is the first great Thugger project and ... read more

Gunna - a Gift & a Curse
Gunna returns with what is probably his best work to date

The production is great as always but this time the tracklist is trimmed down leaving little room for filler, something many of his previous releases suffered from and his deliveries feel more inspired and creative than ever

Favorites—> bread & butter, back at it, ca$h $hit, back to the moon and turned your back

Metro Boomin continues his crazy run with a great soundtrack for “Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse”

All features sound amazing on these incredible Metro instrumentals that absolutely nail the Superhero aesthetic. Many of the songs have potential to do big numbers

Some highlights include one of the best A$AP Rocky songs in recent memory in “Am I Dreaming”, the banging “Danger” and the infectious “Silk & Cologne”

Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues
Although not as groundbreaking as "Remain In Light" the Talking Heads deliver their most fun and groovy record in "Speaking In Tongues"

From the very beginning the incredible "Burning Down the House" immediately grabs your attention with its funky, sunny, new wave sound and high energy preparing you for what's to come. All 9 tracks share the same groovy sound and funky production as David Byrne treats us with some of his most memorable deliveries

There are no ... read more

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Alice Coltrane's "Journey in Satchidananda" feels like the exploration of a new dimension

During the late 60s and early 70s, this new wave of spiritual/psychedelic jazz took over with Alice's husband (John fucking Coltrane btw) being one of the movement's protagonists as his classic "A Love Supreme" is rightfully considered both the genesis of this style and one of the brightest gems jazz music, in general, has to offer

I strongly resonate with this sound and both Alice ... read more

slowthai - UGLY
In "UGLY" slowthai turns his anguish and pain into a traumatizing magnum opus

One of the UK's most innovative and cutting-edge artists just leveled up even more. His first two records were both great, with specifically "Nothing Great About Britain" standing out as one of the best UK Hip Hop records of the last decade. In that LP the heavily punk-inspired song "Doorman" was up until recently my favorite slowthai song. Since then I always hoped he would experiment ... read more
Logic - College Park
He’s on a streak

Ever since "No Pressure" Logic's releases have been something to look forward to

"College Park" is one of his best records to date. Love the cohesion, sound and flow of the record while I believe his production peaks here. All the tracks are bouncy, smooth and have a dreamy quality to them

Favorites—> Paradise II, Village Slum, Shimmy, Wake Up and Crusin’ Through The Universe

Don Toliver - Love Sick
Don Toliver’s music unfortunately seems to drop in quality with every release

“Heaven Or Hell” is still one of my favorite trap records and what made me a Don fan in the first place and “Life Of A Don” was more of a drop in consistency since the highlights were still amazing

His contributions on Metro's album a couple of months ago were also excellent so I'm not sure what went wrong here

Although a decent record at its core “Love Sick” feels more ... read more

David Bowie - Station to Station
"Station To Station" David Bowie’s descent into brilliant madness

Bowie although only 29 at the time, already had multiple classics under his belt but nothing hinted at the creation of something like “Station To Station”. A record as divinely beautiful as it is dark and ghostly, playing with themes of romance, isolation, faith, and obviously cocaine

During the recording of the record his diet consisted of milk, peppers, and cocaine… and that's about it. ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
I never considered Lil Yachty to be a boundary pushing, risk taking type of artist but I’m so happy i was wrong

“Let’s Start Here” is just amazing. The trap voice inflections blend incredibly well with these psychedelic instrumentals and the tracklist is extremely tight. I love how focused this thing is in both sound and themes

Although I consider the whole thing to be very consistent I must say that the true standouts were the more psych rock inspired songs rather ... read more

Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS
In "HEROES & VILLAINS" Metro Boomin delivers the best trap album in recent memory

Some of the craziest performances by the best hip hop artists right now laid over the hardest trap production of the year narrated by Morgan Freeman and A$AP Rocky. It just couldn't go wrong but it had no reason being this good

The sonic cohesion and flow of the record are flawless as the many transitions and narration skits make it feel like a real experience never dipping in quality. I love the ... read more

Wizkid - More Love, Less Ego
Wizkid has for long time now been the best artist in the Afrobeats genre

“More Love, Less Ego” picks up where “Made In Lagos” left off. The tracks are equally dancey, infectious and well produced but this time there is even more consistency

Favorites —> Bad To Me, Deep, Everyday, Money & Love and 2 Sugar

Westside Gunn - 10
Westside Gunn’s final Instalment for the “Hitler Wears Hermes” series is everything that you could hope for

The feature list is crazy, the production choices are elite, the performances are top notch and everything is incredibly put together

He made a trap banger with a beat his son made on the first track “FlyGod Jr” and 3 tracks later in the same album we get the incredible "Peppas" featuring Blackstar over a Conductor Williams ... read more

Lil Baby - It's Only Me
You would expect that Lil Baby would become less monotonous as he grew as an artist but I guess not

The few highlights are really good but for the most part it’s just no it

Favorites—> No Fly Zone, Not Finished, Russian Roulette, Shiest Talk, In A Minute, Never Hating and Forever

Kid Cudi - Entergalactic
"Entergalactic" marks a big step in Cudi's career... just not musically

Many consider the overhated "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" as his worst but for me it’s “Entergalactic". This is the most uninspired Kid Cudi has ever sounded

Most of these songs sound like MOTM3 B-Sides filled with mostly boring ideas and with the exception of the two singles that I really liked and "She's Lookin' For Me" , nothing really stands out. The production although ... read more

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