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Sep 1, 2019
Brown Album reminds me of Ween's The Pod in terms of its reception from fans of Primus. It's definitely not the best Primus album, but it might just be the closest they've ever gotten to making a truly strange album.

Favorite Tracks: Bob's Party Time Lounge, Arnie, Restin' Bones
May 27, 2019*
My roommate and I have noticed that, for the past couple years at least, hip-hop has been increasingly less and less interesting to us. At this point, I can't even remember the last time I've felt a remote urge to throw on a hip-hop album - it's probably been around a year. Any time a new hip-hop release comes out, I'm always excited to try it out, especially if I'm already a fan of the artist's previous work. However, after I've spent a week or so with the album, my roommate and I come back to ... read more
May 13, 2019
Orville Peck's Pony is a surreal cowboy country album lined with drifter lyrics and 80's heartthrob production. It makes for a very unique and enjoyable album, with a sound like if Twin Peaks took place in rural Utah. Sometimes the instrumentation can be a bit sparse for its own good, but overall I'm surprised at how much I'm in the mood for this. A lot of elements involved in Orville Peck give him the stats of a gimmick artist with a novelty album. But a pleasant surprise is it doesn't feel or ... read more
May 12, 2019*
I was hiking in Red River Gorge, Kentucky a couple weeks ago when I was given the news that a family member had very unexpectedly died of a heart attack. My current situation was not ideal in the slightest for this news - my friend and I had just laid down to sleep after a long night of being on the trail and setting up our camp (it was midnight), and we were miles from anyone. I was laying in my sleeping bag in the tent when I read the messages. It was so different from any other time I'd ... read more
May 5, 2019
Kevin's newest album is a cavernous beauty, complimented by soulful choirs and faith-stricken uncertainty. Instrumentally, I think it's Kevin's most balanced and rewarding album yet. The lyrics, however, I imagine are polarizing to some.

The lyrics are initially simple and poor, however remembering his lyrical prowess on his earlier records makes me see the nature of the lyrics on Oh My God as Kevin almost making a point, or at the very least a preference. In other words, I know he's capable ... read more
Aug 21, 2019
Have you heard Chelsea Wolfe?
Jun 19, 2019
you should do a quick review of Veteren by JPEGMAFIA
Apr 25, 2019
Heh heh, "Goob."
Apr 25, 2019
Do you mind sharing your all time favorite album so I can put it into my community picks list, please?
Mar 25, 2019
Heck yeah man! Yeah that's an awesome mindset going towards writing reviews. I'd rather have less reviews with much higher quality than a bunch of honorary youtube comments for a bunch of albums. I love the direction your account's headed. Thanks man, my beard's nice and long for work! Happy writing
Mar 25, 2019
it seriously. I've been writing on various communities for years now, but I like how this website forces me to write outside my comfort zone. I'd honestly prefer 2 people reading a post than 30 likes because someone agrees with a score. I guess I just want to leave a positive impact on the world before my time is up, but I'm rambling and I still have to find my own voice lol. Anyways, thank you again Mr. Cooper! Hopefully you aren't frozen over there from the winter snow
Mar 25, 2019
This does help, words can't describe how grateful I am! Thank you for reaching out and I'll be sure to look back on this. I even read your Turant/Rough Sleeper review too for reference. It's funny that you mentioned "less trendy" because being a trend is kind of a fear of mine. 15 minutes of fame if you will. I've actually been writing since I was 7 (I even won a young authors fair and got my book privately published) but it hasn't been until the past few years since I've started to take
Mar 22, 2019
Hey man, I just wanna say you've been one of my favorite writers since joining the site. Even when I disagree with a review your points are always strong and I've always admired that from you. I have a question if you don't mind. I've kind of had a sudden burst in popularity here, but I'm not really sure how I did it. What I write is in the heat of the moment. I'm trying to be humble, but I also want to improve. Do you have any advice on writing or for my writing in particular? Stay awesome Mark
Mar 2, 2019
thanks, looks sick
Feb 19, 2019
hi mark it's me bolbi how are you after all these years
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