King Krule - The OOZ
Oct 9, 2017 (updated Oct 10, 2017)
Archy embraces his inner scoundrel with The Ooz, abandoning a singles-power album like his debut instead for texture-heavy, ghoulish, 80 minute timepiece that lets us sink into the muddy and murky underbelly of deep London.

The sloppy, low-end heavy mixing of the album compliments the tone Archy is trying to pull off, adding to that dirty drifter feel we got when he released his video for "Dum Surfer." As do the lyrics, which take his usual style a step further, proving Archy can spin a twistedly beautiful story about London-underbelly residents as well as just the environment itself (which was mostly all his lyrics were about on his debut, aside from Blue). In other words, Archy branches out lyrically, including stories of creepy PEOPLE, in addition to the creepy world he lives in. The biggest evolution, however, lies in the instrumentation, which add a surprisingly wide amount of diversity within the songs. Archy uses this new access to more instruments to his advantage, maturely shaping the songs around the potential each new instrument gives them. There really are a ton of different sounds on this thing.

Overall, The Ooz is a dug up reel of monochrome footage, showing a lost London alley in the pouring rain. It's raw, gritty, textured, and full of vibrancy and beauty in its own strange way. This is the piece of work Archy needed to solidify himself as that out-of-time cult leader of our generation; a Tom Waits for the internet age if you will. I don't think this will be a beloved, critical darling like some blockbuster Lemonade; it's too heavy in tone. Instead, like the music of Tom Waits or Swans, it's a polarizing anthem for listeners who are willing to delve into a bizarre, varied, damaged and messy world that is very rarely mentioned in mainstream culture. And it's these exact qualities that'll push Archy to that 'great beyond' of his artistic kind: the kind of artist that will never be hugely popular, but has such a trademark charisma, that his fanbase will outlive us all. The type of artist that kids will stumble upon for generations.

Favorite Tracks: The OOZ, Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver), Dum Surfer, La Lune, Bermondsey Bosom (Left and Right), Logos, Biscuit Town, The Cadet Leaps, Half Man Half Shark, A Slide in (New Drugs), Cadet Limbo, Czech One

Least Favorite: Lonely Blue

Songs that should've been left off: Sublunary, Lonely Blue, Vidual, and maybe Emergency Blimp

Like CoS said, there are some tracks that could've been left off, but they don't affect the album's strength in a negative way at all.
Oct 13, 2017
Well said!
Oct 19, 2017
Hell yeah !
Oct 19, 2017
I never thought The Needle Drop would get more dislikes on a review than his 22, A Million video. Looks like I was wrong.
Oct 19, 2017
Fantano irritates me since 2 years. I understand less and less some his points of view. I don't understand what he is trying to do with the new king krule. I don't know if i say something wrong but when an album isn't really engaged (musically, lyrically, ...), it has grzat chances to have an approximative review.
Oct 19, 2017
I think there are way too many albums he has to review anymore, so all of his reviews are suffering. He recently complained about it in another video within this past month I think. He said how he'd have maybe 30 albums a year he'd review. Now there are like 100, and he has 100 more albums he wanted to review but can't find the time. He's losing his credibility. He should just slow down.
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