AOTY 2021
markjamie -
This is up there for album of the year for me. I loved Incidental Music, and have they ever grown since then. This is a band that is deeply invested in music - both its own, and that which has influenced them. Pearl in the Palm is a behemoth and the guitar riff in Gd Tym is addictive. Love the Kelly Lee Owens influence in ARPi and Showstopper is a huge grower. Just a brilliant piece of art that makes me want to move...
markjamie -
Sufjan Stevens has always done his own thing, and with Video Game he is doubling down on that sentiment - both lyrically and musically. "I don’t care if everybody else is into it", and many of his fans will not be into the pseudo-pop 80s synth aesthetic of Video Game, but Sufjan's voice and the haunting synth lines combine to create one of the most effective singles of his career. And the use of Jalaiah on the video clip is inspired. Hate if you like, but Sufjan is on his own ... read more
markjamie -
This is Arca having a lot of fun. I'm having just as much listening to it. Time, KLK and La chiqui, are all time classics, and there isn't anything skippable or even remotely fitting the label "filler". Essential. Exciting. Fun.
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