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Grum - Unreality
Dec 15

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Carl Cox - Electronic Generations
I like the raw energy Carl brings on this lengthy techno LP. Detroit techno experiments, and electronic twists like Deep Space X keep things interesting. However, it has an improvised sound to it so the songs sometimes fade into the background or end at the very moment you start enjoying them.
Tove Lo - Dirt Femme
Tove Lo has one of the most addictive pop voices. A true artist who can convincingly emote, and grab hold of a melody with grit and technique. She also makes pop music sound cool and vulnerability sound genuine. Dirt Femme is mostly a stellar pop project that goes beyond the crisp production and bangers.
Grum - Unreality
This has a more punchy, synthwave sound than what you'd expect from the generally predictable progressive house genre. Faded Memory and the 2 closing tracks are great, but that's about it. Too many forgettable tracks with anticlimatic progressions. I can imagine it sounding better in a live setting though.
Fred again.. - Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)
The voice note concept becomes tiresome fast. The annoying girl going "oh my god", "holy shit" throughout. Hooks recycled in different songs. Bland downtempos. Fred's brought a new depth to mainstream dance music and the singles sound great individually, but as an album this does not work.
Mall Grab - What I Breathe
Well worth the long wait. This assured debut by Mall Grab dips in and out of his love for house, jungle, rave and grime. Yet it never sounds messy, held together through a consistent vibe, varied bass and an enjoyable pace. Simply put, it's what lovers of outsider house and alternative electronic music breathe.


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