Van Morrison - Latest Record Project: Volume 1
Apr 26, 2021
Van emerges against all Lockdown odds on Latest Record Project Vol 1 in fine fettle. It's his best work since, and up there with, 2008's Keep it Simple. Recorded at a number of locations over an unspecified period in the Musicbox Studios, Cardiff; Culloden Hotel, County Down; Real World Studios, Wiltshire; Subterania, London and the Bath Spa Hotel, Bath the blues are at the heart of it all but everything connects in the overlap in Latest Record Project's case mostly soul (eg specifically in a Ray Charles sense) and of course jazz flavoured by Richard Dunn on Hammond organ with a tiny bit of country snuck in via Dave Keary's banjo contribution say on the touching 'Western Man'. The big songs that immediately embedded deep within quickly enough after several listens but pretty much immediately include 'Blue Funk' which is spectacular. Limerick man Dave Keary goes BB King-like at the beginning in a glorious burst and Van really is in the moment. 'Big Lie' has a very good duet with Chris Farlowe. 'A Few Bars Early' has an original angle to it. 'Thank God for the Blues' grooves and for lyrics I liked 'Western Man' most for its sadness. There is some humour ('Duper's Delight' made me laugh for the local lingo) and some righteous anger as well peppered throughout. Van somehow manages to get a hold of himself in terms of the polemics more than he did back in the autumn. Northern Ireland has been really badly hit by the ban on live music, much worse than a lot of places sadly. Van has stood up for the musicians throughout all this dire period. The sha-la-la-las on the title track sparkle and newcomer backing singer Kelly Smiley blends really well with Dana Masters and Crawford Bell. In the rhythm section Teena Lyle on percussion makes a big difference as she did opening Vince Power's PowerHaus in Camden Town back in December.
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