Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
May 14, 2020
Charli XCX is revolutionary.
At first when she released 'True Romance' people thought that she was just another edgy girl trying to make different pop music.
Then she dropped 'Sucker' which completely changed how she made music, with a punk pop kinda of album that made her known in mainstream with the iconic 'Boom Clap' single.
But she was searching for a NEW level of music, so she discovered the pc music genre and one of the best producers in history (in my opinion) a.k.a SOPHIE, which took her career to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, so she released her first EP that it's iconically called 'Vroom Vroom'. For the fans who remember that time, we were starting to meet a different artist who was ready to take over the fucking world.
A year later she put together some songs, now mixing her pop music roots with her new pc music sound and released her first BIG mixtape full of amazing featured artists that is called 'Number 1 Angel', by that time she was already sure how her sound would be like in the next years.
IN THE SAME YEAR (WHICH WAS 2017), She was R-E-A-D-Y for the takeover, so she dropped my personally favorite album/mixtape 'Pop 2'.
I still remember till this day how I felt listening to this iconic masterpiece, IT took me places I never knew music could take me!!!! FILLED with artists that right now in 2020 are the best thing going on, call her VISIONARY, as you should.
The critics were ALL over her, praising everything she was releasing and calling her the "future of music", honestly I knew that from the beginning, but I guess it takes something out of the ordinary to make people see the artist for what she really are.
By that time, she made a little "pause", don't know if I can honestly say that because to be true, don't think that Charli made a pause on her career since she started hahaha but still, it took 2 years and a fill random singles to release her self titled album which is her THIRD studio album in 2019, called 'Charli', which has (in my opinion again) the best artwork of her career, in this Jesus Christ type of image, giving birth to an evolved and polished artist who isn't afraid of ANYTHING. And the music tells exactly that, songs like 'Click' and 'Shake It' shows EXACTLY what I'm trying to say...
A few months later which is now, in 2020, the year of covid-19 collapse, Charli decided to release a "quarentine album" that she made L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y in a few weeks, collaboratively with her main producers right now A.G Cook, Dylan Brady and BJ Burton (who are phenomenal btw).
And honestly I CAN'T even start to describe how much I think this is HER BEST WORK YET!!!! PLEASE!
For the people who are still to this day incredulous about her genius, I beg you.... listen to this work of art, I maybe biased or maybe I'm just stating something that is OBVIOUS, Charlotte Emma Aitchison known by Charli XCX isn't some trend that in the next few days will be gone, she's building a legacy that I know for a fact in the next years will influence every artist coming.
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Probably my album of the year! And I doubt it will ever be topped
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