The nature of carnage is pure chaos and absolution. Nick Cave's voice is the powerful narrator throughout this record that resonate statements and poetry. The stunning production as the perfect background is yet another delight, the art rock opens space to the experimental & the balance at the ambient rock features. While I was listening the name Bob Dylan came to my mind, I'm sure he is a clear inspiration in this as well.
We can also talk about the beauty of each track, the song 'Albuquerque' made me cry a little, 'White Elephant' & 'Hand of God' covered me in goosebumps, 'Old Time' and 'Carnage' left me meditating, 'Lavender Fields' actually made me imagine the so called, 'Shattered Ground' and 'Balcony Man' are so individual and transcendent on their own.
This type of music synthesizes a style that is not new but it sounds like it is, since lately the past decade revivals have been so constant, the albums that have been released all look and sound like an evolution of what once music was remembered by.
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