The melodies, lyrics, visuals and all the brilliance of a young girl's mind are just assets for an artist like Olivia Rodrigo. Her stunning voice is the balance between the tracks, the album has a clear path, cohesiveness is checked. Everything about this record works so well as a debut album, that honestly of all the debuts that came from the disney world, perhaps 'SOUR' is the best from all of them. Her inspirations are so obvious but we got to aknowledge that, she's a product of the millenial generation that grew up listening to perhaps one of the best eras of pop music ever so of course everything she's doing now is a reminescent of that early glow.

There's a sincerity in the way she sings, that kind of teenage fear every person has or had during their life. She's aware of everything surrounding her, she's vulnerable as hell, she is a girl that's also unafraid to love deeply, that feeling is stuck in her lungs, everytime she opens her mouth is to deliver the most controversial of feelings but not a single of word smells like a fake confessional. Her ability to write is for sure to be watched, she has the potential to become such a complex lyricist.

It's so exciting to see so many young artists today, there are so much talent out there, I guess the music industry is finally realizing the huge potential out there for so many people, it took some phenomenons for that to happen but we're here, keep on coming.
May 20, 2021
A 9???
May 20, 2021
@marinadelrey I'm really impressed by this record, truly loved it.
May 20, 2021
Omg, 9. Thank you very much for a good review for Olivia's album.
Jun 5, 2021
coming back and reading the reviews and stumbled across this one. I think the excuse to the criticism of her wearing her influences too much on her sleeve of it being bcus she’s a...”product of a millennial generation” is so weak. 1) no one has to take account of anything when criticizing an album their only judging the music and 2) there are so many excuses you could’ve had for that criticism but you chose the one that was the most dense. yeah...a lot of people are products of generations, yet that doesnt mean in any way shape or form that they’re going to wear their influences too much on their sleeves and not have a distinctive musical identity in the slightest. I just feel like youre trying to coddle her no matter what cuz that poor excuse makes no sense.
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