I've always been a big fan of Slayyyter since the beginning of her career, and I'll continue to be a fan forever. She keeps delivering pop perfection as time goes on. Sometimes, it feels like she musically brings to the forefront everything that those fervent Twitter fans wish for their favorite pop divas, and consequently, none of them can meet the expectations in the same way that Slayyyter does.
yeule - softscars
'softscars' is emotional and instant, yet it carries a dreamy aura that, when mixed with melodic shoegaze, brings one of the most intriguing rock albums of the entire year. Yeule is an artist I've always liked quite a bit, but perhaps she hadn't released an album that completely won me over until now, with this delightful blend of 90s references and a contemporary production. Speaking sentimentally, I felt that this project carries a very personal nostalgia that might speak for itself, but it's ... read more
Doja Cat - Scarlet
'Scarlet' is the first album where Doja Cat fully immerses herself in hip-hop, whether it's in its poppiest form, its experimental iterations, or even a dash of trap reminiscent of Playboi Carti. The artist, now officially on her fourth studio album, faced considerable criticism and backlash at the start of this new era. She adopted a somewhat repulsive persona, resulting in a slew of hate going viral on social media, particularly on the now-defunct Twitter ("X"). What many initially ... read more
Troye Sivan - Got Me Started
The sample is iconic, the video is next level and the production slaps, 10/10 for me.
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

It took me quite some time to resume this journey through The Beatles' iconic discography, but here I am, ready to finally wrap up my immersion in this rich musical legacy.

"Magical Mystery Tour" is perhaps the band's most fun album, filled with pop nuances and simpler song structures. However, this doesn't stop it from experimenting concisely and strategically. There's an atmosphere of humor that pervades almost every track, making ... read more

Vagabon - Sorry I Haven't Called
Certainly, a great electropop album with tendencies toward alt-pop, some experimental productions, sprinkles of synthesizers throughout, all complemented by Vagabon's delightful voice and expert lyrics. It all culminates in a very contemporary album that is self-contained but doesn't seem to strive for perfection. It's dynamic, sophisticated, and well thought out.
After leaking two years ago, Kim Petras' album 'Problématique,' which would have been her true debut, has been released on music platforms entirely by surprise. Just like those of us who have followed her career from the beginning already knew, it is objectively a MUCH better album than 'Feed the Beast.' However, due to creative decisions by the record label and the artist herself, we didn't have it as an official release until today, September 18th, when the singer decided to drop it ... read more
Zara Larsson & David Guetta - On My Love
Zara girl if you working with generic DJs at least call Calvin cause Guetta be producing this tired ass 2014 songs.
Poppy - Motorbike
The singles streak are great so far hope it may shape into her best record yet.
Doja Cat - Balut
Something is so Lauryn Hill about this, won't elaborate.
Sufjan Stevens - Will Anybody Ever Love Me?
There's some artists that nobody can even question how good they are, Sufjan Stevens is def one of them.
Tate McRae - greedy
Probably the only good song this girl released.
Jeff Buckley - Grace
How can an album that was born without knowing it would be the only one in an artist's career have so many songs and lyrics that reflect on the end of life, death in all its forms, and possess so much melancholy but at the same time such a great sense of peace and reflection? It truly seems like Jeff Buckley came to planet Earth just to deliver a timeless musical masterpiece, and as soon as he completed his task, destiny, God, or whatever you believe in, took him back. It's like a non-physical ... read more
宇多田ヒカル [Hikaru Utada] - Exodus
Can we talk about how visionary this album is in terms of its construction and production? If only half of pop songs had half the enthusiasm that went into 'Exodus,' we would have a completely different musical landscape, with greater richness of sound and musical complexity. I'm a bit obsessed with this album, and that's it.
Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
I'm not sure if I've never read it anywhere or just didn't notice, but it's only now that I've realized that all of Mitski's albums never exceed 33 minutes in length, that's insane, haha. But no one can say she isn't consistent, that's for sure. In 'The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We,' the multi-talented artist explores new horizons for her much-celebrated music, delving into multiple sounds, but this time in a slightly more abstract and perhaps more theatrical way. The songs seem to carry ... read more
Josh Caffé - Poppa Zesque
'Poppa Zesque' is an excellent debut album by the artist Josh Caffé as it attempts and successfully delivers exactly what it is – a good and concise house album with influences from 90s club music, a touch of French house, and also interesting variations of experimental music, all culminating in a delightful sequence of songs that convey distinct yet very intriguing energies.
Conducta - In Transit
The artwork slaps.
Ana Frango Elétrico - Insista em Mim
Ninguém tá fazendo música tão interessante e rebuscada como ela, a estética dessa era tá de matar de tão boa.
James Blake - Playing Robots into Heaven
James Blake has the incredible ability to evoke new emotions with each new project he releases. He is, without a doubt, one of the artists I admire 100%. Besides being one of the most talented producers of our time, he masters creating soundscapes like few others, whether it's for other artists or his own work.

'Playing Robots Into Heaven' is yet another testament to the unparalleled talent of this British multi-artist. With this album, he turns sonic peaks into dreams that transcend reality. ... read more

Laufey - Bewitched
Ok, this album is fine (I don't think is extraordinary but surely has its moments).
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